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Amateur Radio Today

Ham radio has faced several revivals throughout its rich and interesting history. T started at the times of telegraphy featuring first operators and international contacts. DX radio has always followed strict rules and regulations established by the government. Some of those rules still exist while others have been successfully eliminated like the Morse code, for example. It used to be an obligatory part of the examination necessary to obtain the license. However, many dx ham enthusiasts still enjoy the Morse code and use it as the main communication mode. The other modes available today typically include speech, videos, digital information, pictures and some more.

Modern ham equipment lets operators keep in touch with other people from around the globe and even further! Some astronauts also appear to be devoted hams and regularly take all necessary gear to space shuttles. It means that you also have a chance to establish a contact with a person from space. Moreover, NASA has successfully implement a program in collaboration with other amateur radio organizations. The program is known as the ARISS (Amateur Radio on the International Space Station). Sometimes NASA arranges special classes for kids who get a chance to communicate with astronauts. At the same time, some DX radio stations are linked to satellites that transmit signals.

Ham radio has always come with lots of fun. It is always very exciting to keep in touch with new people from far away distances. Some hams can’t live without their hand-held DX radio stations and carry them wherever they go. It does not require too much power and can be recharged anytime you need. On the one hand, you can always contact a person you need. On the other hand, you will be always warned in case of emergency or disaster. If you need to buy any sort of gear, tools, equipment or any other staff, hurry up to the nearest flea market not to miss a bargain.

You can build your own transmitter and enjoy communication with hams located thousands of kilometers from you. The most passionate and devoted hams take the challenge and take part in exciting DXpeditions. The main goal is to get to the most remote and isolated point for our planet and try to make a contact from the middle of nowhere. Such hobby has grown into an exciting contest with thousands of adventurers from around the globe. Nowadays there are more than 2 billion hams. And tis number is increasing!

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