Insight: Credit Card System Presents Alternative To Bills

Earning money is tough. Keeping them in a firm grip is even tougher. Some find this challenge nearly impossible. Luckily for me, those times are over as I have mastered the art of personal financial management.

It’s not that I’m bragging here or something but I am a self-taught consultant. All of my knowledge came from the Internet, books, as well as other available sources of knowledge. I owe my success to the community. The time has finally come to give something in return. So I decided to educate you guys with what I’ve mastered over the years of savings and careful management of cash flows starting with these simple life hacks that can save a ton in the long run without you even noticing.

Not all bills are the same

What do we do when we see a bill? We pay up. You can’t negotiate terms with the cable company or your phone provider. Or can you?

In reality you can do just that. Your billing plan is as much of a service as anything else. From the choice of your credit card and up to staying in a hotel, the effectify credit card service is tailored to assist in saving money.

Negotiation in restaurants

If you were served with an undercooked or overcooked dish, ask for the manager. If the service was far from perfect, you can ask for the manager. If you did not enjoy the meal as much as you’d expect – ask for the manager.

Don’t be shy. Your request is not unreasonable (unless it is and you just don’t want to pay, which is a bad thing to do). You deserve a refund because you were, after all, paying for a service that was not provided.

Hotels are negotiable

Every hotel I know as well as the wider majority of the ones I’ve never heard of have a particular amount of rooms available with a discount for those booking in advance. Just call the manager on the reception and ask about these offers. The odds are you will get a cheaper way to stay there. Don’t be shy to ask, especially if you are staying for longer than one night.

Medical expenses

If you are willing to pay the sum in full from the start and with cash – you have full right to demand a discount for medical treatment. As simple as that!

That noted, even if you don’t have the funds to pay up the full price and are having troubles managing the debt in parts – just explain your situation, and the odds are you will be provided with a discount as well.