How to Boost Your SEO Campaign

Today there are many SEOs which only focus on content along with their On-Page SEO but neglect links because they feel it is not that important. Links are an essential aspect of your website because even Google has confirmed that the number one factor that determines a website's rank is links, along with good content. Google considers links to be of paramount importance, and therefore you should too. Earlier people could buy ranking positions and manage ranking positions on the search results page, but today Google's spam filters prevent that. A website cannot survive without good links because links constitute the web, they direct people to good content. Thus they transfer trust of people, and through these links, people will discover your website.

Link-building campaign

You have to be careful while you begin a link-building campaign, build links up for your customers, your business and make them better by associating them with relevant and useful content. It will please your readers and Google will maintain your website in the top search results, and as a result, your business will go on developing. Do not try to manipulate Google’s search results or PageRank, because Google will come back to punish you for that. This article will give you some easy link building tips to help you with your website without costing you too much.

1. Look for backlinks

Requesting people for backlinks is an excellent way, to begin with. Ask people around, your clients, friends, partners, anyone who has a blog or a site. Ask them for a backlink only, remember to get in-content links only and not links on the sidebar or in the footer. Make sure that the backlinks you use are from websites which are relevant to your website's niche, or else it might not have much impact and can even be harmful.

2. Create relationships

For sustained link building, you have to create a good relationship. There are various opportunities to develop new contacts. You can start up with some niche-related communities like forums and blogs or even social media pages. Take the first step, contribute with relevant comments and posts, provide valuable context to the discussion. Active participation in online communities that are focused on your core areas, you will gain some excellent backlinks, and have access to latest industry news and thus connect with interesting people who share similar passions.

3. Give testimonials

Testimonials are an excellent way to build link building. Many businesses give you the opportunity to say something regarding your experience of using their services. While this is a unique technique for them to generate customer trust, it is also an excellent opportunity via which you can get backlinks and some potential traffic generated from their site. It typically has a higher approval rate rather than your standard e-mails where you request people for links. Other companies will get a testimonial to put on their site, while you will get a backlink.

4. Begin blogging

Don’t create a blog where you put one post with one backlink directing people to your site. It will not only be a waste of your time but also generate future risks. When you create a blog, remember you would need to sustain it. Write posts there regularly, keep your content focused on your niche areas and the requirements of your clients. Keep your content relevant, well articulated and useful. It will make everyone want to link to your blog continuously and thus keep you getting backlinks.

5. Put your site in dependable directories

There are loads of online directories which have no real value to users and have been excluded by Google in its search results. You must not enlist your website on these pages. Directories are useful in the sense that gives you an opportunity to post links to your site and provides some critical information to potential customers. Choose directories wisely. Use niche directories which are associated with informative websites that are about a particular industry. Listing your site in these directories will help you get indexed in top search engines, and more people will find you.

6. Write up a great guest post

There are lots of sites and some great blogs which will accept and publish an article about your website and its services. Write up content for these sites, remember that the publishing blog or site is relevant to your niche areas. Also, the article must not be about how good your company is. You have to submit quality writing because a poorly written content can hamper your reputation. 

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Link building is a potent method for increasing your website's ranking. There are many modes and ways by which you can do this. However, before embarking on this mission, go through all the tips and techniques first to learn more about link building.


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