7 Ways to Save Money

Making money is a difficult journey but what happens when the money comes is even more difficult to control. In the midst of mounting demands and pleasures, it is easy to forget the need to save. It can be difficult to spot the easy ways to save money. The following tips are expert advice that can help you save money. 

1. Leave your credit cards behind

When you have more than enough money in your pocket, you are likely to fall into the habit of impulse buying. President of Moneytalksnews.com Stacy Johnson puts it better, “if you leave the house with only enough cash to buy what you’re shopping for, you’re automatically unable to succumb to impulse buy, which often bust your budget… we’re more likely to overspend with pieces of plastic than real money.”

2. Have a savings account in a bank different from your checking account

Erin Lowry, the author of ‘Broke Millennial Stop Scraping By and Get Your Financial Life’ said, “The old out of sight out of mind trick works really well here! Putting a savings account or two at a different bank than the one which houses your main checking account will reduce the temptation of pulling savings into checking because you won’t see it”. 

It is still advisable to have a savings account in your main bank in case there is an emergency that requires you to move money quickly. 

3. Request for a discount

Companies with fierce competitors will be more willing to give a discount to their customers – to give them a reason to return after the first purchase. The author of ‘Tricks of the Trade: A Consumer Survival Guide and how to Shop for a Husband’ and a contributing editor to Reader’s Digest, Janice Lieberman, said, “In this economy, companies may be more willing to give a ‘break’. But you won’t get a deal unless you ask. Be reasonable. Come up with a figure you think is fair and ask for a price break. If you don’t get a ‘yes’, ask to speak to the supervisor and state your case. Many times you will walk away with a discount.”

4. Apply the brake

Beth Kobliner, the author of ‘Get a Financial Life: Personal Finance in Your Twenties and Thirties , gave an invaluable advice on saving, “For 30 days, promise yourself that you won't make a single big-ticket purchase without waiting a full day. Next time you see something you like, ask the store to hold it for you until the next day. If you still want it 24 hours later, then it’s yours to buy.”

5. Compare prices in different stores

When you see a product that you like in a particular store search other stores for the same product and compare their prices. In a related advice, Christian Gordun, the CEO and founder of Couponcraze.com said, “Impulsive buying is one of the biggest mistakes people make when shopping online because you can pretty much guarantee you won’t be getting the best deal.”

6. Ask for motivation from your friends

Group activities are easier to achieve because you get motivation from your friends. Bob Weinschenk, CEO of SmartPig.com, “In many cultures, saving is a group activity. By being vocal about your savings goals – whether it’s a wedding, down payment on a house or even a marathon donation – you can save more money, and do it more quickly by getting the support of friends and family.”

7. Entertain your friends at home

Alexandra Talty, a contributor to Forbes.com said, “Early fall is a great time for throwing dinner parties and potlucks. Try doing this monthly or even weekly with your pals instead of meeting up at the bar or the fancy pizza place. You’ll have plenty of time to relax at your table and won’t have to deal with a huge check at the end of the night”.


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