7 Reasons Online Reputation Management is Important for Businesses

There is a saying, “First impression matters”. This phrase has remained relevant to this day. Your online reputation is your first identity to a potential client and AgoraMedia.ca can help you keep it clean. In this digital age where businesses are conducted online, it is important to keep track of what your clients are saying about you. Potential clients will form an opinion based on what others have said about you and this can affect your transactions.

Online reputation management is a strategy employed to monitor and influence the digital reputation of your business. An effective online reputation management technique will also expand your brand awareness. A good reputation can influence the growth of your business. Below are seven reasons why online reputation management is important for every business.

1. Influence sales positively

Statistics shows that online sales are edging higher in percentage when compared to offline sales. However, before people commit their money to an online store they usually conduct a brief brand research. They survey their product and services and place them side-by-side with the alternatives. Public reviews are the bias that sways potential clients to commit their money to one of the competing brands. If you continually ignore your client’s yearning, you miss the opportunity to improve on your product or services and risk losing them to your competitors.

2. Creating trust and integrity

Trust is the singular factor that makes your client want to come back again after the first transaction. Integrity, on the other hand, is that quality that guarantees your client will get similar experience. When clients build trust with your brand, they will easily share their experiences with their family and friends. The popularity of the social media makes it easier to get their opinion across to a larger audience. Bad news trend easily – and you wouldn’t want to trend for the odd reasons.

3.  Online visibility

The journey towards online visibility starts with strategically gaining the top position in search engine results. Most customers who are looking for a brand to make their purchase would usually not go beyond the first page. Google’s analytics has a way of sieving through businesses to make sure that only those with good reputation make it to the privileged top of search engine results. Regular online reputation management through strategies like content creation, search engine optimization and keyword analysis will place your company higher on search engine results.

4. Dispel speculations

We have seen celebrities and businesses disappear because of one scandal or another. The ease of starting a gossip trend or rumour especially on social media has often been exploited by competitors who are not afraid of playing dirty. Negative information about a brand can travel fast and has the potential of collapsing the brand in seconds. It takes the intervention of online reputation managers to counteract such negative information with something positive about the brand.

5. Improve product and services

The role of online business reputation goes beyond dispelling or replying to negative reviews. If properly managed, the company can learn a lot from their customers. By listening to customers and getting to know their needs a business can get insights into the expectations of their customers. A business can improve customer experience by managing online reputation. Also, by collecting customer feedback, the business would be able to rebrand their products or services to meet the yearnings of the customers. Replying to unhappy customers sends a message that you care about your customers and are willing to take responsibility for the experience of your customer.

6. Boost employee loyalty

The views of the employee about your industry will definitely rub off on the customer’s decisions. Having an idea of what your employees are talking about your business is the first big step towards managing your online reputation. Unhappy employees would be the first to leak sensitive information that may be detrimental to your business. Loyal employees will go to extreme length to convince unhappy customers and as well as propagate the brand through word of mouth. Businesses that want to throw their weight on online reputation management should ensure that their employees are happy.

7. Attracts the best recruits

The bedrock of a successful business is attracting professional staff. Experienced staff would usually research a company or brand and find out every detail about them before accepting offers. Having a bad reputation would mean that you may be unable to attract skilled manpower that will contribute to the growth of your business.


The seemingly small negative comment by a client which may seem harmless can make the most damage to the reputation of your company and should not be ignored. It is disastrous to hand your online reputation management to just anyone. AgoraMedia.ca has a track record of success and team of professionals that makes them the best online reputation managers. 


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