Health-conscious Texan Invites Canadians to Share Billion Dollar Business

Texan business man and independent business owner, Richie Jaynes has announced that his company, AdvoCare is launching into Canada. The health enthusiast announced that the move is the first time the multi billion-dollar health and wellness company is expanding into Canada.

The expansion is a fantastic opportunity for Canadians to share in the trillion-dollar health and wellness platform, with the company’s array of world-class nutritional products that help individuals with weight loss, optimal sports performance and ultimate wellness. The business venture AdvoCare, is a well-established nutrition and wellness company.

Trusted by numerous key individuals, for 25 years AdvoCare Distributors have built champions across the United States with its amazing products and best-in-class business opportunities.

“This is an exciting expansion and brings with it an opportunity for many Canadians to get in on the ground floor of AdvoCare’s start in the Canadian marketplace,” said Jaynes.

“This is an entrepreneur’s dream. The products are excellent, and the business support will help any independent business owner with launch and ongoing support.”

Having generated hundred of millions of dollars in sales, successful entrepreneur Jaynes has created a multi million-dollar business that he has now brought to the doorsteps of Canadians. In addition to this, his leadership qualities and expertise have enabled him provide help to hundreds of other business conscious individuals, using the AdvoCare platform as a means to create wealth for themselves.

With more and more people engaging in sport activities, or dedicating more time to their health, AdvoCare range of products are a perfect fuel to keep your body staying health and strong.

“My husband, active now in the Spartan and running communities, discovered an interesting statistic at his last race in Calgary this summer. It turns out his age group, men over the age of forty, is a little bit crowded! More people in that age group seem to sign up for races like Spartan Race, Obstacle Course Races, and I’d venture to guess this stat holds true for marathons as well,” said Tenile, a health enthusiast and AdvoCare user.

“We hypothesized that the reason you see more people in this age group signing up for these challenging races is because, they are simply at a point in their lives when they can dedicate more time to their own health and well being.”

According to Tenile, she had been on a wellness journey for quite some time, searching for the right activity and supplement to keep her in good shape.

“I’ve been on a health and wellness journey for over two years now. With over 25 pounds lost (and staying off!) I’m learning new things every day and continue to learn what works best for me,” she said.

“My husband, too, has been on his own wellness journey and his is a little more intense than me! He’s become a Spartan and participated in three Spartan races so far. Last month in Calgary, he came in 9th in his age group (out of 200+ men!) and that in turn qualified him to participate in the OCR World Championships in October in London, England.”

“Now, with the countdown on, he needs to focus on his well-being more than ever. It’s not simply about training and, well, ensuring he holds on. It’s a matter of being at the optimal health and fitness level that he can be!”

“The timing was perfect when an email about a new health and wellness brand coming to Canada landed in my inbox. Interested, and intrigued, we opted to try it out,” she said on learning about AdvoCare.

The AdvoCare line is led by Jaynes, one of the nation’s top experts in fitness, strength and conditioning. Jaynes obtained a degree in kinesiology and sports studies from Texas A&M University-Commerce and went from being an assistant strength and conditioning coach at a major Dallas university to owning a 12-000-squarefoot fitness centre with 3,000 members. Later, he opened one of the city’s best athletic training facilities, where he has led thousands on the road to better health.

For Canadians who are interested cashing in on this lucrative venture by becoming an AdvoCare Distributor, you can get connected with an existing distributor to purchase products or visit for more information.

It’s important to note that AdvoCare is scientifically backed and compliant with Canada’s health regulations. Health Canada has approved AdvoCare’s products for sale and use in Canada under the Natural Health Product (NHP) standards.

Currently, AdvoCare sells five distinct product lines in the U.S., but are starting with their best sellers in Canada, including Spark®, MNS® 3 and the Protein and Vitamin Shake.

Jaynes believes in the AdvoCare product line, which has been formulated by an elite scientific and medical advisory board that has more than 200 years of combined experience in pharmacology, toxicology, nutrition, sports performance and pediatrics.

The AdvoCare has been a world-class nutrition company since 1993, specializing in health and wellness, weight management, vibrant energy and sports performance. 


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