Montreal mayor steps down amidst corruption

The mayor of Montreal, Gérald Tremblay, has resigned amidst allegation of corruptions against him. In spite of resigning from his post, he claims innocence and maintains that he has not aided anyone in corruption. In a press conference organized at the city hall in Montreal, Mr. Tremblay has said, "I am leaving public life."

He also denied having concrete knowledge of any corruption in his administration. He says that some of his trusted party workers were ‘crook’s who had betrayed him. The mayor was facing allegations of turning a blind eye to electoral misspending and corruption by the members of the Union Montréal party. Because of these allegations, he said that he had no other option apart from resigning.

Tremblay also said, "I cannot help in these circumstances. The city's functioning is much more important than my own personal interest."

The details of his news conference have been published in CBC NEWS. In an article published in their website, we get to know the following:

"Tremblay said he believed he had made changes for the better, leaving the city with a better financial picture, a public consultation process for citizens, the office of the ombudsman and the Montreal Charter of Rights and Responsibilities."

Thus, we can clearly see that the mayor not only denies any wrongdoing on his part, but he also feels that he has improved the lives, of the people of Montreal.  He also insisted that when charges of corruption were brought to his notice, he had acted immediately by ordering an enquiry. However, he claims that he was not provided with all the information about these charges. He said,

"I asked the public servants and the councillors why I had not been informed about this, especially when individuals in charge had done nothing. The trust I had in some was inevitably betrayed. I assume full responsibility."

In order to prove his point that he had no knowledge of the corruption charges, he also goes on to say,

"The information was immediately given to the appropriate authorities. I shall produce the proof at the right time and at the right place,"

In his farewell speech, which he gave in this press conference, he has denied all sorts of allegations of corruptions against him. He also claimed that he was a victim of injustice and was sure that he will get justice in the end. Tremblay said,

"But one day, justice will prevail."

Soon, a secret ballot will be held by the city council to elect the interim mayor for the city. According to Richard Bergeron, the leader of Projet Montréal, Mr. Tremblay's resignation will help the city council in taking the city out of the crisis. He said:

"Gérald Tremblay was not a person, it was a regime. This regime is looking to perpetually repeat itself. I have trust in Montreal's elected officials that, in the coming days ... I hope that everyone will be responsible during this delicate exercise."

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