Target Canada's Empty Shelves A Bad Sign

Customers at Target Canada locations have been complaining about low inventory virtually since the first stores opened last spring.

Target first explained away the problem by saying they were dealing
with unexpectedly large demand and were struggling to keep up. But as
the months rolled on and empty shelves continued to be a problem, people
began asking what’s going on.

Market research firm Belus Capital Advisors
says it’s not the retailer getting caught by surprise — it’s a sign of
“fundamental problems” with Target Canada that could be pointing towards
its “extinction.”

Belus Capital admits off the bat that it has a “sell” rating on
Target stock — meaning some of its clients probably hold short positions
on Target that will make them money if the stock falls. Nonetheless,
the photos Belus posted on its blog earlier today are telling, and

Clearly, the low inventory problem isn’t going away. Check out some of Belus’ pics (visit the Belus Capital blog to see all the pics):



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