Atlantica: NDP forms oligarchy with Harper government

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( -- An oligarchy is a non-democratic political structure in which power rests with a few people. We are ruled by an oligarchy. Nothing summarizes this better than what Thomas Mulcair, the newest leader of the NDP, said this week.

“Bruce [Hyer] simply feels that he’s allowed to come up with his own decisions,” Mulcair told reporters when asked his thoughts on Hyer’s departure after Hyer was censured for voting his constituents’ wishes. This says it all. Elected representatives are to act as proxies for the power elite (the oligarchs); not vote their electors’ interests, but rather vote the party’s interests. If you believe in democracy, this is appalling.

There are two further observations. First, the fact that this comes from the lips of a new leader whose party is supposed to be somehow “different” and “new” highlights how total the hostility towards policies of democracy is amongst our leadership. Second, like all oligarchs, the existing parties, both federal and provincial, continue to claim that everything is fine and “that’s the way the system works.” They will never reform the status quo since it is not in their interest to do so.

The good news is that throughout history oligarchies eventually fail. Democratic reform is coming. It won’t come from the existing dinosaur parties, but from new movements and parties such as the Atlantica Party in Nova Scotia that are committed to ideals of democracy.

If you believe in democracy then hasn’t the time come for you to withdraw your consent from the existing system and fight for democracy?

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