Top 9 Casual Dating Tips For Liberated Ladies

In today’s day and age anything goes. Liberated ladies are actually at an added advantage in the dating world. If you are a modern, hip, trendy and successful female who is liberated and not afraid of the dating world, then you are in an excellent position. "Casual dating" is the new modern type of dating, which is being enjoyed by women everywhere.

Here are 9 casual dating tips for liberated ladies

1. Don't waste time

Relationship expert and host of the popular reality television series "Millionaire Matchmaker", Patti Stanger, advices females to actually get up and leave if the date isn't working out. If you don't feel chemistry and it is not working, state it then and there. For liberated ladies, this is the best way to not waste your time. Instead of waiting for the phone call and having to turn him down.

2. Use protection

This may seem like an obvious statement to make but you will be surprised how many liberated ladies seem to forget. It is very easy to caught up in the moment with "Mr. hot and fabulous". If you are going to be having fun, it is important to make sure that you use protection. This way you can still decide if you want to see the man again or not instead of being forced to, due to a bad situation.

3. Have fun while you can

Cosmopolitan magazine reveals that enjoying casual sex with strings of partners may help you have a happier and more meaningful relationship in the future. It is highly recommended that liberated ladies, who know who they are, go for what they want, who they want and when they want it.

4. Focus on chemistry

One of the most important pieces of dating advice for liberated women is to focus on chemistry. Meet as many men as you can until you are satisfied with the level of chemistry which you feel. If you have no chemistry with someone don't even bother going there. Rather walk away and try and find the man who leaves you breathless.

5. Be careful of bad boys

Let’s face it, all liberated ladies love "bad boys". The problem with this is that you can really get yourself into a sticky situation. While bad boys may be attractive to you, be careful not to casually date a drug addict or a criminal. This can take "bad" to a whole new level. Fun and exciting may turn to "dangerous and deadly."

6. Remain open to everyone

Jean Twenge who holds a PhD and who is the author of "Generation Me”, explains that love comes in different forms. She clearly states that you can find love where you least expect it, even in different cultures and religions. Be open to people from all different walks of life. Be open minded with regard to lifestyle choices, religions, cultures and everything else. Try dating someone completely different to what you are used to.

7. Formal dates are not always needed

For liberated ladies, a formal date is really not needed. A simple "hangout session" can be just as powerful and fun. Getting to know someone with a movie, dinner and the option of the "bedroom right there" is always a good way to get rid of "formal dating".

8. Pay for a date

If you are a liberated lady and you are enjoying your time with a hunky man, do not hesitate to ask him on a date. You should also be open to treating him and paying for it, after all you are a liberated lady who makes your own money.

9. Try out all the dating sites

Instead of simply making use of one dating site, rather try a few. When it comes to maximizing your chances of success, it is going to be within your best interest to chat to as many prospective men as possible.

Over and above all rules liberated ladies should enjoy causal dating without the hassles and fuss.  Life is meant to be lived and enjoyed and this same concept should be applied to dating.  Liberated ladies have the advantage of knowing exactly who they are and exactly what they want; this is a powerful key when it comes to dating.


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