APP Review: Celebrity Posted

Celebrity Posted is a great app that helps you to keep track of all your favourite entertainment gossip really easily.

If you follow celebrities on social networking sites such as Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook, then you may find it annoying to keep swapping between applications to get all the up to date stories and feeds available.

This app helps you to do this by allowing you to sign in to Facebook and Twitter and then see all of the feeds relating to the celebrities that you follow. The app also allows you to search for celebrities to find out whether they have feeds and may allow you to discover new celebrity feeds that you did not even know existed.

You just have to register and then you are able to get updates from the celebrities that have put in your contact list. You can login in directly to the website using your Facebook or twitter login. You will then be able to select the celebrities that you wish to follow.

By selecting your ‘my celebs’ section, you will then be able to click on one of them and see all of the posts that they have made on all of the social media platforms that are supported by the software. However, if you do not wish to follow someone, you can still click on their photo and look at their posts. In fact it is a good idea to do this so that you can see what sorts of things they post before you decide whether you really want to follow them or not.

The app downloaded extremely quickly and also tied up with the website. This means that if you make any changes to either, such as selecting new celebrities to follow, these will be updated on both and so everything is synchronised. This means that whether you are using the app on your phone or tablet or looking at it on your PC everything will work together.

The look of them is slightly different, but they are both very simple and you soon work out exactly what you need to do to catch up with all the gossip on your favourite celebrities. It is fun to use and perfect for anyone who wants to know what celebrities are posting on all the top social media channels.

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