Fireball Seen Screeching Across sky

Tuesday night in the western sky a large fireball was seen screeching across the sky.

Thousands of people saw the object curious as to what it was as it was much larger than your common "shooting star" which is a meteoroid as it enters the atmosphere, becoming a meteor.

So it wasn't a shooting star, an ET or even Santa Clause so what was it?

Well it turns out that the the armageddon looking object was part of a Russian SL-4 rocket body that had fallen from orbit.

"This was an object that we were tracking and we knew was going to come and reenter the atmosphere," said Maj. Matt Miller, a spokesman for U.S. Strategic Command.

So don't worry kids it wasn't Santa's sleigh crashing down, it was just a piece of space junk that had finally fallen back to Earth.


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