Palestine: Netanyahu employs Iran card for Polls

Terrocracies generally seek wars or mere war or nuclear threats as a powerful toll to fool the public.

Israel wants a war with Iran and Netanyahu says he does not want it right now. These kinds of gimmicks are not new to Israeli leadership and they played them on the eve of polls. Israel attacked Gaza strip, killing thousands of innocent Palestinians, including children and women, because that strategy, as Zionist experience shows, would make the terrorized people to vote for the most fanatic and most arrogant leaders.

That is the way Jews conduct themselves.

Colonial masters want to continue to loot the resources, brutalize the masses and generally do not want to vacate the occupation or stop killing the occupied nations. Americans, Britishers, French, and other western nations pursue colonialist policies to protect the imperialist gains. In modern times, Israel and India joined the fray as neo-colonialist nations.

Both Israel and India share logics of terror fanaticism because they brutally occupy their neighbours, converting them as sort of semi human beings denied of freedom.  Both conspire on brutality techniques to silence the occupied peoples and they keep murdering Palestinians and Kashmiris. Both think and even are convinced of the support of NATO terror syndicate led by USA-UK terror twins.

However, Jews and Israelis are more ferocious and more extra manipulative of world opinion than the innocent looking Hindus and Indians.

Fascist Israel’s terror PM Benjamin Netanyahu's UN speech, after the speech of Iranian president M. Ahmadinejad, about Iranian nuclear advances has dampened speculation in Israel that he could order a war this year. As a usual tactic to keep the voters of Israel in favour of ruling Likud party, Netanyahu literally drew a "red line" on a cartoon bomb to show how close Iran was to building nuclear weaponry, commentators saw his deadline for any military action falling in early or mid-2013, well after U.S. elections in November and a possible snap Israeli poll. 

Netanyahu even asserts that Israel could strike Iran before the US presidential poll. That is certainly a Jewish joke. Israel would not desire e self-destruction by trying to attack Iran and get repelled from Iranian sources.  How can Israel be seeking to exist for ever think of causing WW-IV by a misadventure?

Netanyahu is more concerned about the outcome of the next US presidential poll than Obama or his opponent. Not just the US presidential poll but also the Israeli poll due in October 2013 is causing anxiety in the mind of Netanyahu who is seriously considering advancing the poll this year or early next year if that would benefit him. 

Like the USA, Israel also finds fault with Iran’s nuke ambitions. Iran, which denies it is seeking nuclear arms, said Netanyahu's speech made "baseless and absurd allegations" and that the Islamic Republic "reserves its full right to retaliate with full force against any attack". Israel is widely assumed to have the Middle East's only atomic arsenal but Israeli regime never disclosed their nukes and nuclear programs.

Mossad and its member Netanyahu believe that targeting of Iran, even fictitiously, would benefit the ruling party.

Netanyahu sets deadlines for vacationed of Palestine lands and extends them.  Similarly the deadlines for polls are also extended. Netanyahu set a deadline of attack on Iran just for terrorising the Jewish voters both ion USA and Israel. Israel talked about the 'decisive year' of 2012 but that passes without decisiveness. Without explicitly saying so, Netanyahu implied Israel would attack Iran's uranium enrichment facilities if they were allowed to process potential weapons-grade material beyond his red line. Spring 2013 now looked like Netanyahu's target date, given his prediction that by then Iran may have am assed enough 20 percent-enriched uranium for a first bomb, if purified further.

But the pro-government Israel Hayom newspapers cited mid-2013 - Netanyahu's outside estimate for when the Iranians would be ready to embark on the last stage of building such a weapon, which could take only "a few months, possibly a few weeks".

Facts differ from Zionist rhetoric. An Israeli official briefed on the government's Iran strategy cautioned against interpreting dates Netanyahu gave at the UN as deadlines, saying the preparations had already been made for military strikes. "When he says Iran will have a bomb by this-or-that point in time, that in no way means the war option must wait until then," the official told Reuters. "There are other considerations to the timing - operational and strategic."

Israeli diplomats were reluctant to elaborate on Netanyahu's speech, saying its main aim was to illustrate the threat from Tehran. Asked on Israel's Army Radio whether Netanyahu had signalled he would strike in the spring if U.S. and European Union sanctions fail to curb Iran's nuclear work, Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman said: "No, no, I would not go that far." "The prime minister clarified a message to the international community (that) if they want to prevent the next war, they must prevent a nuclear Iran," Lieberman added.

US  military Secretary Leon Panetta said this month that Washington would have "about a year" to stop Iran should it decide to cross the threshold of producing nuclear weaponry - a more expansive timeline than that put forward by Israel. That could spell fresh clashes between the allies over Tehran's continued 20-percent uranium enrichment, a process the Iranians say they need for medical isotopes but that also brings the fissile material much closer to weapons grade.

By using US triclomatic tactic, Netanyahu praised Obama's resolve in his U.N. address, which the prime minister described as advancing their "common goal" - a strong signal that Israel would not blindside Washington with a unilateral attack on Iran. Israel leader speech constituted an almost explicit acknowledgment that Netanyahu is declaring a truce in the public argument between him and the president, at least, until after the US election.

Netanyahu has political worries too, given deadlock in his coalition government over the 2013 budget which, if not ratified by December, could trigger an early Israeli election next year. Israeli Army Radio depicted war with Iran as no longer an imminent dilemma troubling the prime minister. Instead, the station said, Netanyahu would have to decide "whether he is going to elections sooner, in January, February, or maybe March, or whether he will be able to pass the budget, take care of the Iranian issue and then go to elections in October 2013 as scheduled."

Israel remains severe a security threat to Mideast and Palestine but it talks about its own security. Netanyahu's increasingly hawkish words on Iran in recent months with threats and ultimatums have strained relations even with US President Barack Obama, who has resisted the calls to set Tehran an ultimatum while fending off charges by his Republican rival, Mitt Romney, that he is soft on Israel's security.

UN must stipule about misuse of certain issues for the poll prospects. Israel and USA must stop misusing terrorism and Iran for poll purposes.

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