U.S. Poll 2012: Obama’s Dilemma


Yes Americans, even without legitimacy, can fool entire world forever!

The advantage of having a two party system in USA, one of so-called largest democracies around, is being perfectly realised by American politicians today promoting imperialist weakness by effectively shielding the state crimes in the name of terror wars visibly on Islam, ostensibly to make America safer and more secured.   Both Democratic and Republican parties exhibit “ patriotic” instincts by hiding the facts of Sept-11 hoax perpetrated by the  hawkish criminal nuts to enable the Pentagon rogues to go on terror rampage in Islamic world  - starting with Islamizing Afghanistan and moving onto both Iraq and Pakistan, Libya and  elsewhere. .

The NATO terror syndicates continue to target Muslims cheerfully because of the support they receive from Arab plus Pakistan regimes and also NATO member like Turkey.

In the ongoing debate between Obama and his Republican challenger Mitt Romney does not touch the embarrassing issues like  forces behind the Sept-11 hoax because there is unanimity among politicians that they should not talk about it; that would ultimately revealed the truth about Sept-11 hoax.

Obama who replaced Bush Jr involved directly in the Sept-11 hoax on the promise of creating a new world just followed the Bushdom rouges policies because he being advised by those rogues who engineered and “conducted” the Sept-11 hoax.

In fact, no just he continued with Bushdom polices but even accelerated the terror wars and exacerbated the terror attacks in Afghanistan and Pakistan, employing extensively the drone terror techniques. 

Fully knowing that Afghans  or Pakistanis  are innocent and Bsuhdom rogues, in order ot later justify their crimes against humanity,  implicated Afghanis to attack that  Islamizing nation. Obama killed thousands of Muslims thereby making Bush crimes of millions also justifiable. .

The anti-Islamic media promote US imperialism and NATO fascism, thereby guarding the secrecy of Sept-11 hoax.

Despite all his tall claims of supporting the poor, Obama indeed supports imperialism and capitalism. And he like Mitt Romney does not want to revel the hidden truth about Sept-11 hoax. Obama fears if the truth is exposed, all his own crimes also would be scrutinized for punishment.

Obviously, as true state terror promoter, Obama does not want to expose American criminals.

But how long can the capitalist leaders, fascist media nuts hide the ugly truth about Sept-11 hoax?


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