UFO Drone Warfare challegnes US-Pakistan Equations


Generally speaking, the puppets by themselves do not exist as independent entities and they just behave according to the wish and will of those who control and operate them from behind.

However, Pakistan willingly performs the art of puppetry even when there are no direct controls from Washington or US embassy in Islamabad. Like many Muslim regimes,  the badly corrupt Pakistan regime, engaged in promoting the rich and multinationals from home and abroad and shows no commitment to people of the nation, is being controlled b and operated by USA.

When real rift took place between the US masters and the slaves in Islamabad world expected Pakistan to behave at east belated. But Pakistan, maybe by decades’ long practice  in terror relations, wants to continue to play for USA even at reduced rates of payment from America.

Perhaps, one can think, that is perhaps the crude fate of Islamic Pakistan.

Point two. Decides the polices of fate of the rest of the world and dictates its own terms to every subordinate nations, the weak ones suffer America the worst, even with protests.

The Americans, like Russians, consider themselves as super humans as being a central part of US imperialism, enormous military terror prowess and technological advantages.  This kind of perverted approach is responsible for a deeply militarized mind-set they suffer now, making them more and more insecure. This feeling of self-inflicted insecurity concerns makes them arrogant and violent and that weakness has shown up in their terror wars in Islamic world.

Since the end of WW-II, which made the dictatorial USA led western imperialist forces thrive and grow in all domains, ever increasing the power and capability of their global manoeuvres. In fact, all these ‘successes” got engraved in the policy DNA of US national security complex, empowering the terrorist Pentagon to g on rampage in Muslim nations for their resources, lives and for energy routes.

The ongoing WW-III is projecting the USA as the worst ever killer state.

Indian big games to acquire favours from both  Russia and USA in terms of economy, technology and nukes, , have converted Pakistan a submissive slave to Americans, serving their  colonialist ambitions,  including the third rate one, and saluting them after killing Muslims.

Point three. Only a new generation of selfless leaders who love freedom and sovereignty alone can save Pakistan from US clutches.

But that alone is not quite enough, though!

The Pakistani regime seems  to have forgotten the NATO horrors on Pakistani soil murdering thousands of innocent people, including solders and has since renewed, on payment basis, the new terror deal with Obama regime, permitting NATO terrorism.   Who says it is shameful!

Both Americans and Pakistanis kill Pakistanis in Pakistan. Can the most dreadful and most manipulative super power on earth, the USA, be sharing any real values with a small weak and destabilized Pakistan, besides terror ties?

Pakistani politicians, the elitist nuts would feel gratified to USA for dollars they receive as service charges (survive charges?) or liquor supplied by US embassy in Islamabad, but is that enough for an Islamic nation?

Who said that after a certain level of tolerance, the very shame disappears!



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