Pakistan reveals the enemy within -- World War III agenda


President Asif Ali Zardari heaved a sigh of relief as the Supreme Court of Pakistan accepted the draft of letter to be written to Swiss Court (ARY TV: October 10, 2012) and many believe the pressure applied on the top Judge finally did work. The progeny Arsalan Iftikhar is no more in the news putting further head on collision to a halt. Though many also believe that the money lying in the Swiss account is already siphoned off but some argue that the technology magic makes it easy to trace the final routed destination. The laundered sixty million dollars; Zardari’s political adversaries claim the money to belong to starving poor people and press hard for the return of this money to Pakistan.

There are several other charges of corruption against Zardari family and one of them is the ownership of multi-million Sterling Pound Surrey Castle (Palace) in England and the source of money used to purchase it. The ownership initially denied by late Bhutto and Pakistani government laying a claim, the property later in a bizarre fashion was re-owned by Zardari family. The non-compliance of Supreme Court order perhaps means sacrificing another Prime Minister or some high official as President Zardari has a fleet of trusted sacrificial goats available to stake everything in their possession to save their "Qaid" (the leader).

The claim of controversial Presidential immunity available locally or internationally is hurting the psyche of a common man finding it difficult to comprehend the purpose of such a convenience allowed to people, irrespective of the positions held, indulging in economic or criminal offences.


The Lion rampant favourite animal, a political symbol, reminds of a special profile report of famous Hello magazine’s colourful photo album displaying affluent and majestic interior of Nawaz Sharif’s Lahore residential palace that would put any Mughal Emperor to envy. Sharif family’s widespread corruption charges, multi-million dollar businesses within the country or abroad have been a focal point in Pakistan’s TV talk shows and print media. To ensure the continuity of family rule, the political induction of progeny of all feudal background stinking rich political heavyweights allows a full grip on the political system and the money acquired through corruption and lucrative money spinning businesses is used to give away handouts to keep, by design illiterate, electorate happy in return to guarantee their votes to make it look like a successful working "democracy". Nawaz Shareef is not hesitant even to exchange goodies with small number of tribal disgruntled militants working on the external agendas to fragment Pakistan further. Shareef seems to be more interested in keeping Musharraf at bay rather than show some patriotism and worry about his country.

The populist measures like "Benazir Income Support" or free distribution of "Laptops" in thousands, a burden on the government exchequer is plain and simple misuse of government funds the money that already belongs to people but is used to oblige hapless innocent people and create a false image of good governance of "caring" politicians.


Malala Yousafzai, 14 years pretty lass shot in the head (October 09, 2012) for running a campaign for girls educational rights, is a glaring example of intolerance and height of bigotry. The whole world is shocked and expects Pakistan to take these inhuman groups head on to rid the country of this menace.

As reported the recent anti-Islam film protests brought boom for many including flag makers, religious-business houses, political mafia and above all Pakistan’s enemies who do not have to do much except to keep a vigil that the enemy within Pakistan is doing a job for them as per the plan. Using, their individual version of faith, as a plank to cling onto the powerbase and to stir up religious emotions, the "leaders" of all religious sects ready to go any lengths maintain their power based identities to control their flock as that guarantees their survival. A few dozen innocent people died to allow a show of strength on the roads of Pakistan to convey a message that "we are in control and mean business". All this exercise, the true followers of Prophet of Islam believe, had nothing to do with Islam or the Prophet as everything that the respective “armies” did was killing, loot, plunder and destroy. Looking back at the message the Prophet of Islam conveyed; the proponents of sectarianism, as is believed, will be answerable to God and the Prophet and the leaders of all these sects, as per the Islamic belief, are out of Islamic fold and considered by faithful as heretics. The Prophet of Islam, it is recorded, conveyed to the companions that Muslims in future will divide into 72 sects and it seems all these sects with their individual identities are now present up and running in Pakistan.


The historical facts tell us that Muslims of Bosnia were butchered mercilessly and no one in the "Islamic world" blinked an eye and it was USA under the leadership of President Bill Clinton who despatched American forces to Bosnia and stopped further massacre of Muslims. The affluent Muslim world contributed nothing politically, financially or militarily to stop Israel from pounding its fire-power on Palestine, at one time killing fifteen hundred people, half of them children. It was again USA backed by the west ultimately listening to the woes; finally conveyed a message to Israel that enough is enough.


Kashmir suffered in men and material through brutal Indian army occupation and the "Muslim" world offered only a lip service. Kashmir understands the inability to the point of feebleness of the resources rich Muslim world not to stand up to the superpower “hegemony and browbeating” but fails to understand its cowardice vis-a-vis India as Kashmir thinks that India has nothing to offer that would otherwise jeopardise "Muslim" interests or survival.

On the other hand maintaining precedence; United States State Department spokesperson Victoria Nuland told reporters (03-10-2012):

"With regard to our own policy on Kashmir, it hasn’t changed. It’s been the same for a very long time, we want to see the recent "economic warming" between India and Pakistan pave the way to a "better conversation" on the decades-old Jammu and Kashmir dispute as well".

It is believed, if World War III breaks out fingers crossed, it will be fought on the control for water resources. Due to a rapid increase in population ratio, countries need energy and natural resources to survive and the race to acquire control is on. Economically and militarily strong manage to have a lion’s share and the rest have to be content with whatever is leftover. The principle is that if you don’t do it someone else will. Whatever the mighty do on international level is strictly out of "necessity" and has nothing to do with religion; that explains clandestine desperate attempts to acquire nuclear weapons.

Pakistan in political doldrums is frantically making overtures shuttling between Washington and Moscow. It seems the corrupt political novices of Pakistan devoid of ideas in frustration are trying to catch a straw to save their drowning political future. Many believe the proposed agreed official visit of Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin scuttled by India left Zardari government bewildered, baffled and frustrated.

Under the circumstances, Pakistan needs a Messiah or someone honest, unblemished, strong willed and resolute to put the country back on the rails and it is believed that 70% silent voters in suppressed voice are crying out; bring back Musharraf.

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