Cricketism: Bowlers Attack in T20 World Cup

Although the bowlers are the backbone of cricket, the teams playing joint cricket exercises (JCE) have successfully refused them  their due place and in stead deliberately promote and pamper bat-boys exclusively for extra money, special rewards and  awards, etc. The bowlers do deserve better training and freedom to contain the run flows and restrict the score totals.

As a result, cricketism has become bogus time pass tool. Cricket teams, managed by ICC and global mafias, focus exclusively on bating techniques alone and just do not care much about the crucial domains like bowling and fielding methods in order to reduce wastage in deliveries and restrict the run flows.  The main concern of teams, obviously, is how to help the batboys shine beyond their worth and  not to pluck wickets without offering them runs.

Also, the cricket teams always want to promote batboys engineer tricks, like the Sept-11 hoax perpetrated by the anti-Islamic nuts, to somehow let the batboys take all credits for the success of their team. Occasionally, the tricks misfire and bowlers do strike and even smart batboys crash out.

But the teams do not want  the bowlers to shine.

The problem is the bogus Test cricket with unlimited balls at the disposal of the bowlers which has spoiled the mindset of bowlers to seek wickets by allowing too many runs with too many deliveries being wasted. In T20 totally there are only 120 balls maximum, excluding the extras like wides, etc, and bowlers are expected not to waste even one ball for the usual fun like letting the some batboys like Gayle to go for big shots.

How can cricket be played out extensively only to promote select batboys for bogus records?

The world cup in t20 in Sri Lanka has clearly shown that if the bowlers do justice to their profession even the cricketism would be interesting. The team that has serious bowlers who refuse to leak runs by wasting deliveries ostensibly seeking wickets has advantage  over the team were the bowlers and fielders do not work for the success of the team but want wickets by wasting any number of deliveries.

Emergence of West Indies, one of weakest teams today, as the victors of the t20 so-called world cup in Sri Lanka reflects serious flaws in cricket. It also reveals absence of really strong team, let alone extraordinary player or team. It is because of the “give and take” policy in trading 100s and 50s, etc, for batboys some wickets for select bowlers as reward for offering too many runs. This anomaly can be  tackled only when bowlers stop playing for promoting batboy for extra money from various sources as permitted by the notorious ICC. 

The tournament has also shown that if the bowlers make the batboys shine- and not to let them toil without runs- the batboys would happily shine by hitting big 6s and huge 4s. On the contrary, if the bowlers do not offer the batboys space for expansive shots, and fielders take the work seriously and honestly, batboys fall one after another, because none of the today’s batboys is accustomed to standing at the crease without scoring runs.

Boys are paling international cricket without real bowling, throwing and catching practices and home this is done deliberately to let the batboys shine.  That is how Sachuins could shine for too long by driving the harmless ball to the boundary consecutively without proper defence of the field. It is a shame that on a huge ground there are only 11 fielders, including bowlers and keeper. What a joke!

Not just the fanatic Indians, even others als must stop thinking cricket in terms of 100s and 50s but a competition, a fight between bowlers and batboys.

It appears the cricket teams among the cricket playing nations are under tremendous pressure to find a replacement for Sachuin Tendulakar so that India‘s gods association could just ask him to relax and enjoy non-cricketism life.  The clumsy cricketism situation of India is now deeply worried that Sachuin is finished and there is none to influence the bowlers to offer enough runs to India shine.

Today India is on a fault finding mission to fix the causes of its pathetic runout at the 20/20 world cup.  When India loses an important match like the so-called world cup ( this is not really a world cup almost every nation is outside the cricketism exercises and ony a few  teams play it) but India become restless and quickly blames the bat, field, pitch or something else and it sees everything blue and grey and red. 

At long last Sachuin has declared himself out of cricketism job from the field, unwillingly and tentatively and is obviously awaiting final orders from the “concerned”.  Have his worshippers and disciples, including those in the parliament and regime, unable to digest a fast fallen god, asked their god to retire? Indian media nuts especially the TV channels are most upset that they could not shine by suing Tendulekar.

Interestingly, some teams like New Zealand, Australia, England, Ireland and South Africa came just enjoy life and not to win and they returned early.  They do not have effective bowlers.  Their bowlers are trained only to offer too many runs by wasting deliveries.  Only West Indies, Sri Lanka and India have somewhat ok bowlers.  Some good bowlers is the secret of success. Afghanistan, Zimbabwe, Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan are weak teams with a couple of average players. Pakistani players can lose at will at a point when they were almost winning because not many take it seriously enough one takes responsibility. Afridi, known as Boom, is not  at all serious about his profession and  has become Busss, failing with ball and bat.  One cannot however say he is responsible for the team defeat at the hands of SL bowlers. \Maybe they were told that the hosts Sri Lanka were the favoured team for some reasons. Were Pakistanis afraid of winning WC for any specifically India reason?  Is Afridi afraid of something else?

Umpires were sporting blue uniform which is the SL/India colour.  Does it mean anything?

By the by, what exactly were the England boys doing in Sri Lanka? Just enjoying life with women and liquor?

Indian media supported India first an SL next. But after Indian exit without seeing the Semis, they canvassed for SL

India has reason to be happy that Pakistan did not reach the finals, though Indians would prefer to cry, at least until the next cup session, for Pakistan’s entry into Semi-finals.

From the way the Windies happily celebrated their victory shows they somehow duped the Sri Lankans who were poised and promoted for the final win. Obviously, none ahs expected the Caribbean who are not strong enough to be the champs and also they themselves were not looking for this kind of a lucky win. 

The question is not who should win or who should not,  but how can they continue to play international matches without good effective bowlers and fielders.

Though an effort has been made in this t20 by a few bowlers to assert their place and importance in cricket matches, there is no guarantee that the trend would be allowed to continue.  The mindset of bowlers and fielders should be reformed to think that they do not play to offer 100 and 50 for the batboys but to deny runs by using less number of deliveries.

The easiest way of getting wickets is not by letting the batboys go for expansive shots but obviously by denying runs to batboys by employing dotballs constantly.

Otherwise, cricket remains fake; all records are fake; all awards are fake.

To return to the issue of weak bowling, it is clear that many teams, like England, South Africa, Australia, Ireland, etc wanted to showcase their bating prowess superior to bowling but failed terribly and they all returned homes early..

Had they come to Colombo with a team of effective bowlers and fielders, the results would have been different.

Only West Indies and Lankans take bowling seriously and both reached the finals and WI eventually proved slightly better than the other.

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