September 11 plot manifests hoax toward Islamophobia

Islamophobia remains the  a dominant  international trend now although the threat of Osamaphobia should have ended after the reported assassination of the CIA operative and the strongest human on earth as projected by the CIA, Osama bin Laden in Pakistan where he was enjoying his family life in full inclosing enjoyment of the entertainments in TV channels.

Upon successful accomplishment of what could be the “WTO grey sky operations”  in New York, Osama was given a safe passage not to Saudi Arabia where he “officially belongs, but to Islamizing Afghanistan which was considered a threat to Saudi Arabia, Russia and USA-UK terror twins. And Saudi rulers claim their country to be the model Islamic state with hidden US forces crony capitalists promoting and even partially funding US imperialism.   

Is not Osama still live?

The CIA rogues and Neocon nuts generated the Islamophobia and Osamaphobia as the major tools of imperialism before the Pentagon launched the WW-III, the so-called terror wars, on Muslims and Islam.

The Sept-11 was a mystery mainly because two main reasons:  an individual could take on the world’s most powerful military terror giant with powerful remote system of surveillance and monitoring; and this Osama could not locate the White House to showcase his adventurous prowess -- or Osama  was simply not allowed by the CIA to do that! Osama was sent to Afghanistan and then to Pakistan because he had another assignment: destabilizing Afghanistan and Pakistan and killing millions of Muslims.  And Osama skilfully did that all before he was killed by the Pentagon rouges without leaving any trace for future reference.

That is CIA!

As the global fascist media (GFM) serve the imperialist and capitalist forces, one essential reality of the CIA’s Abbottabad mission is that the effect of Osamaphobia has sharply comedown because now humanity is made to believe that Osama  the terrible is no more;  But  much worse terribles like Putin the terrible and Bush the terrible and Obama the terrible and the likes in USA and UK are very much alive and ready to strike.: The CIA strikes saying that the stakes were highest and the opportunity ripe, and thus  it was necessary for a cadre of superb terror warriors and their famously self-defeating president to take the treachery capabilities that were bequeathed to them to kill Osama  on Pakistani soil along with many others. But by ignoring sovereignty of Pakistan, a terror "partner" in killing Muslims, without the concurrence of Pakistan regime is a serious violation of international law which USA-UK-Israel terror trio refuses to recognize in their fascist endeavors. Americans go it completely and coldly alone when they are sure of a win. Otherwise, they make friends with others, including Arabs.

Upon successful destruction of the perceived enemy (like Afghanistan) by employing all possible tools, the CIA has also destroyed those tools as well like Osama.  America used the opposition in Libya to destabilize Libya and then started killing the tools there.  After using Pakistani military to kill Muslims, the Pentagon-CIA has killed Pakistani military personnel.  In Iraq and Afghanistan the CIA followed the same logic. Create an enemy within to attack the rulers and then destroy that entity.  

The logic remains with CIA. They failed only in Iran but have made inroads in Syria. The visible outcomes include massacre of Muslims and loot of their resources.

To begin their anti-Islam operations, the enemy of Islam needed a pretext to attack an Islamizing Afghanistan against the rotten will of its former occupiers like Russia as well as Jew dominated neocon extremist  rogues that control US foreign policy.  

The post-Sept terrorist attack on sovereign Islamic Afghanistan by the US led NATO terror  forces over the Sept-11 hoax,  indeed engineered y the Americans and their anti-Islamic allies, remains the coldest ever arrogance displayed by the world’s so-called democracy, the terrocracy,  against all norms of civilization and culture.  

In invading energy rich Muslim nations one by one, Americans have made a determined claim of its military muscle to attack any nation at will by creating fake threat perception which the neocon run global fascist media willingly support so that an illegal Israel is safe.

The US politicians, mostly working as agents of crimes, loots and deaths, want to prolong the occupations in Islamic word so long as the Saudi led Arab League and GCC support the US imperialism.

True, the enemy of Islam under the leadership of USA-UK terror twins,  is eager to keep Islamophobia remains the  dominant  international trend because that has so far  benefited them enormously.

So, the moot question therefore is not when the NATO terror syndicates quit their illegal occupations of Muslim nations, but will the bogus Muslim rulers in Arab world prefer Islam to petrol dollars!

Will the Arabs remain so stupid forever?

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