Western Unilateralism: Why Nobel Peace Prize for EU?


European Union (EU) is the core portion of the notorious NATO terror syndicate, led by USA-UK terror twins and engaged in killing people ion Islamic world. As an expression of gratitude and as a quick tribute to Nobel peace committee for having selected the EU for the most prestigious award on peace, the EU member states have announced a new package of sanctions against sovereign Iran over its controversial but legitimate nuclear program, complicating the lives of Iran still further.

When years ago the Nobel committee offered the coveted peace prize to the then newly elected US President B. Obama only a few persons (this author inclusive) welcomed or endorsed the decision’s value as a gesture positive to promote peace through a Black president in White House. However, B. Obama soon proved the decision of the Nobel committee wrong and the black man promotes US imperialism by displaying his white arrogance by escalating Bush regime terror war in Afghanistan and Pakistan on the one hand and on the other, by refusing to take the Zionist criminals to justice.

The unilateral sanctions announced by the dictatorial US and EU, as well as those imposed by the UN Security Council, have done significant damage to the Islamic Republic's economy A recent fall in the value of Iran's rial and the protests that followed the currency crisis may have this time led the EU to hit where it thinks it hurts most. An EU-wide severing of financial ties with Iran's banking system would in practice hamper the Islamic republic's transactions in euros, limiting them to debt payment and purchase of food and medicine.

Similar sanctions by the US Treasury have already locked Iran out of transactions in US dollars. Now losing the world's second-most important hard currency for settling oil payments would further isolate Iran from the global financial system and also paralyse its trade. Earlier this month, riots broke out when Iran's currency, the rial, plunged to new lows against the dollar, having lost 80% of its value since the start of the year.

As the Nobel committee announced the prize (or price?) the EU Foreign ministers meeting in Luxembourg decided to unleash another round of economic terrorism on Iran through sanctions aiming at the weakening Iranian economy and people.

The Euro crisis ministers reiterated their "serious and deepening concerns" over Iran's nuclear activities and their commitment to "work for a diplomatic solution". The EU said they "significantly broadened EU restrictive measures", focusing on Iranian banks, trade and gas exports. They want to keep the Arab world under their control and want none of them develop nuclear arms. But Iran’s nuclear achievement so far has irritated both Israel and the sponsors of Israeli fascism.

Although Iran denies it is seeking to develop nuclear weapons, it is a fact and it indeed does it only to protect itself and Arab nations from possible nuclear misadventures from Israel or its western roguish protégés.

Nuclear weapons and technology is the crudest danger the humanity is now facing but Iran, like India, says it wants to generate electricity.

So far, none of the nuclear states have declared to dismantle the nuke arsenals.

The sanctions are surely aimed at the Iranian people as punishment for not promoting the US agenda in the country. Council of the EU said the new sanctions agreed targeted Iran's nuclear and ballistic missile programs, and government revenues allocated to them.

Oil is the bloodline of Iran's export revenues. Less than three months ago the European Union implemented an oil embargo to slow down the "blood circulation" in the Iranian economy. The financial sanctions on the table now, if finalised, target the "nerve system" of Iranian nation.

The Council prohibited all transactions between European and Iranian banks, unless they are explicitly authorised by national authorities under strict conditions. There will be a ban on short-term export credits, guarantees and insurance.

Medium- and long-term commitments are already banned. They in a cold blooded manner also prohibited the export to Iran of further materials relevant to the Iranian nuclear and ballistic programs or to industries controlled by the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC), including graphite, raw or semi-finished metals such as aluminium and steel, as well as software for integrating industrial processes.

The import, purchase and transport of natural gas from Iran was also banned, mirroring the more significant embargo on oil imports which came into effect in July. European companies were also forbidden from providing shipbuilding technology and oil storage capabilities, as well as flagging and classification services to Iranian tankers and cargo vessels.

The EU Council targeted 34 additional Iranian entities allegedly providing substantial financial support to the Iranian government and one person involved in the Iranian nuclear programme with an asset freeze and a travel ban. They claim their objective remains to achieve a comprehensive, negotiated, long-term settlement which restores international confidence in the exclusively peaceful nature of the Iranian nuclear program, while respecting Iran's legitimate right to the peaceful use of nuclear energy under the Non-Proliferation Treaty. The EU's foreign policy chief, Catherine Ashton, said that there was still "room for negotiations" between Iran and the UNSC veto guys, the UK, US, France, China, Russia and plus Germany.

They are simply joking, the terrorist jokers of Europe!

The top UNSC rogues have asked Iran to stop enriching uranium to 20%. The Iranian government says it requires 20% enriched uranium for its medical research reactor in Tehran, but Western experts say it could be converted to weapons-grade material within six months.  In a separate development, the leading European satellite provider Eutelsat took 19 Iranian state-run television and radio channels off air on Monday, citing "reinforced EU Council sanctions".

People in the Middle East will still have access to most of the channels operated by Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (Irib) - including English-language news service, Press TV, and Arabic-language al-Alam - but they will no longer be available in Europe except via the internet.

Meanwhile, an Israeli foreign ministry official was quoted by the Haaretz newspaper as saying the Swedish government would oppose further sanctions to protect a deal between the telecommunications group, Ericsson, and the mobile operator, Irancell. reacted quite sharply against Israel. Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt reacted quite sharply against Israel and condemned the "mudslinging", “immature”. Israel as part of fascist policy is eager to fuel the Iran-Euro crisis.

An Observation

The way all anti-Islam terrocracies pretending to be democratic nations target Muslim nations is awful and shameful. Israel and the US impose their will on Muslims who have no real leadership globally and still insist that Palestinians should keep talking to Israeli regime criminals even without results though the Zionist criminals do take a break from talks to attack the Palestinians.

Americans known for their unilateral decisions and dictatorial attacks on Muslim nations want the Palestinians not to take any unilateral decision on full membership through the peaceful UN route.

America, the questionable tricky sponsor of the Mideast peace process that has stalled since 2010, opposes the Palestinian approach to the UN as a unilateral step.

This time, the Palestinians seek an upgrade to a non-member state in the international organisation but it has to become a full member. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas keeps secretly meeting Israeli leaders abroad discussing the sovereignty issue.  Abbas reiterated his position against any plan envisioning a Palestine state with provisional boundaries.

But can Abbas, who still refuses or unable to bring Fatah and Hamas together, get what he wants from an arrogant Israel anytime in the near future so long as the notorious UNSC controlled by the USA-UK terror twins?

While USA and Israel should stop opposing the Palestinian approach to the UN as a unilateral step, the UNSC must shed its hatred for humanity and help the Palestinians for or unable a change. 

Israel and the Palestinians must make peace as the only option before them and end the perpetual crisis and tragedy of Palestinians.   

Global terrocracies behave like local gangs fighting to impose their collective but secretive will on others.

When the Europeans have made no positive contribution to the cause of world peace directly or indirectly - and on the contrary they have only harmed the world by aiding and abetting NATO crimes - the pertinent question is: Why Nobel Peace Prize for EU?

Is the Noble peace prize then is a price for state terrorism?


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