Ontario Provincial Police demonstrates discrimination

The Ombudsman’s office recently completed an investigation and reported on Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and how the Ontario Provincial Police fails to deal with it. The public needs to also hear about the hypocrisy of the OPP in their claim that they are second to none in the valuing of Human Dignity and the self-worth of its members.

What you are about to read is an overview of the experiences of a hard working immigrant who came to Canada, a land of opportunity, a country that tries to be an example to the world with respect to valuing the Human Rights of its citizens but sometimes is let down by its own government organizations.

His name is Michael Jack and he is a Trilingual Russian Jew who speaks English with a thick Russian accent. He immigrated to Canada in 2000 with the goal of putting himself through University and sponsoring his family (consisting of his father, mother and younger brother). While residing in Peterborough he studied at Trent University earning two degrees. While there he was inspired to pursue a career in policing and having done so joined the Ontario Provincial Police in 2008.

Little did he know what was in store for him at his first posting at the Peterborough County OPP Detachment. That was the detachment where a former minority (African-Canadian) officer, Harry Allen Chase was posted and fired on the last day of his probationary period. This was also the detachment of a former East Indian officer, Lloyd Tapp who, having worked for fifteen years with Toronto Police without a problem found the necessity to file complaints with the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario and was subsequently transferred to the City of Kawartha Lakes detachment, which is in Lindsay. Now, Mr. Jack was to begin his career in policing at the same detachment.

Prior to arriving at the detachment Mr. Jack was given a racially derogatory nick name of “Crazy Ivan” by some narrow minded racists. This nick name permeated through the detachment and he sensed it the first day he arrived there.

The detachment did not take long in crafting and implementing a scheme to bring him down emotionally, psychologically and physically where his fabricated performance evaluations would justify the Ontario Provincial Police in forcing him to resign in the final month of his probation. They did so because of the views of some narrow minded racists who could not stand the fact that he stood out like a sore thumb with his thick Russian accent that they found embarrassing.

Canada professes to be a country that respects the dignity of every human being and is often in the forefront of countries condemning violators of the Human Rights Code. The government of Ontario is often promoting education on Valuing Diversity and based on experience puts forth training modules that every employee in every branch/department of the government including the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services has to complete. 

It would appear that the Ontario Provincial Police, a branch of the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services has its own view on how it complies with the Human Rights Code – target, divide and conquer.

In the past and present applications have been filed against the OPP before the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario outlining many blatant violations of the Ontario Human Rights Code (Code). The OPP thrives in anonymity and that is why they have always sought to settle applications where they felt that their reasonable prospect of success in defending the application was slim.

Mr. Jack and his Representative, Lloyd Tapp have a substantive case before the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario against the OPP and one that is vastly corroborated by their own disclosure shared with them as per the Tribunal's guidelines.

The case is in the process of bringing transparency to the Ontario Provincial Police with respect to their compliance with the Human Rights Code. It has the potential of generating similar results as that of Ali Tahmourpour vs. RCMP and Nancy Sulz vs. RCMP.

For complete details of the three officers’ experiences and the progress of the case please visit:



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