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Kashmir: Führer inspires Indian army general

Kashmir police registered cases of robbery, assault, harassment and wrongful restraint against Indian army that has added to the vows of local population, reports Hindustan Times, November 01, 2012.

India’s Deccan Chronicle (October 11, 2012) quotes General (Retired) SK (Srinivas Kumar) Sinha, once imposed Governor on Kashmir State, freshly suggesting that "Kashmir issue needs deft approach". In the face of cross-border "terrorism" and "jehadi fanaticism", a stronger resolve, both at the political and military level with psychological initiatives aimed at the people, he surmises, is needed.

General Sinha did not reveal army’s innovative measures to crush the political movement and methods used in torture chambers already in place to be reinforced; as also stronger resolve on the part of his occupying army’s psychological initiatives aimed at populace already suffering from trauma and mental disorders.

General also compared human right violations of Indian Army’s record of upholding human rights as "far superior" to that of Pakistan Army in erstwhile East Pakistan and now in Baloachistan or of the US Army in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan.

East-Pakistan or langda Pakistan (lame Pakistan) converted to Bangladesh; a well thought out plan in 1971 was executed meticulously and with precision. The hope of finishing rest of Pakistan was dashed when Pakistan exploded six nuclear bombs (May 28 and 30, 1998) in retaliation to India’s five (May 11 and 13, 1998). An average Pakistani considers nuclear Pakistan a divine intervention or a miracle as unaware Indian Prime Minister AB Vajpayee, on record, stated that yeh bomb ratoon raat nahin bantay (These bombs do not get made overnight). Indian explosions preceding Pakistan, as believed in India perhaps, was India’s birthright having international legal sanctity. It must be remembered that India had already imploded a nuclear device way back in 1974(Smiling Buddha). A frustrated ZA Bhutto after his return from UN Security Council faced with 1971 defeat vowed and stated that "we will eat grass but will make the bomb".

Baluchistan conspiracy hatched in 1947; Gulmarg Kashmir chosen as the venue to implement the plan is paying dividends. It goes beyond doubt that because of US intervention in Iraq, India lost a good oil supplying friend in Saddam Hussein but one may ask if US presence in Afghanistan is hurting India then what is India moaning about and why is it looking for a permanent role in the non-oil producing country? Is India after Afghanistan’s dry fruit? Or is it desperately looking for an access to Central Asia? These are a few questions that the General needs to answer. The little corridor access from Kashmir State to Central Asia is already sealed and the security provided by Pakistan-China joint effort is a huge worrying factor for India. Hence NATO Alliance pressure on Pakistan is exploited by India as a bargain for a compromise in accepting India’s inconsequential role in Afghanistan. India needs Pakistan to have an easy access to the outside world, if it is to survive and extending a genuine hand of friendship is more in the interest of India than any other stake holder in the area. It must be mentioned that India has also been pressing USA hard not to leave Afghanistan.

While admittedly stating that India repeating political and military blunders scoring self goals, lacked a clear roadmap for resolving the worsening crises affecting the entire nation; General Sinha in a brazen manner justifies Indian army’s terror tactics occupying Kashmir in 1948. Turning Kashmir into a valley of death, following Hitler’s footsteps General in reprisal comments that "Terrorism has to be crushed militarily". The popular uprisings in Assam, Nagaland, Manipur and Punjab in General’s terminology as "terrorism" have given the ruling governor in the states enough experience to use his iron fist backed by the military might to use that expertise killing innocents in Kashmir and elsewhere in thousands. His share of five years military rule in Kashmir (4 Jun 2003-25 June 2008) saw a massacre, hundreds of women raped, thousands consumed in torture chambers buried in unidentified graves and rest of the populace turned into psychological wrecks.

Gen. Sinha suggests winning the hearts and minds of people with "well planned psychological initiatives" and talks of crushing the uprising. For a change accepts Kashmir as a secular place and praising Kashmir’s secularism appreciates that Kashmir converted to Islam, a religion of peace, overnight peacefully and voluntarily. Using his intellectual knowledgeable level, General makes a newly revealed claim that "Kashmiri Pandits (Hindus) taught Quran to Kashmiri Muslims".

A dream come true situation; an impudent army general claims and converts Muslim majority Kashmir into minority and exposes the intrigues to change the demographic character like it was done half a century back in Jammu (a province of Kashmir State) in 1947 when two hundred thousand Muslims were butchered and a sizeable population from India allowed to illegally settle in issuing them fake ‘State subject certificates’. "Amarnath Yatra (pilgrimage)" undertaken a decade back by nomadic religious zealots numbering a few hundred suddenly swelled into tens of thousands in the recent times. It is not difficult to comprehend Indian attempt to grab huge acres of land for the purpose so as to allow, in the guise of a pilgrimage, outsiders settle in Kashmir to carry out the plan.

The mention of holocaust in the Jammu province makes the general feel but shy of telling the truth about the number and religious beliefs of the people massacred. Whereas besmirching the slogan used by Kashmiris in 1947 distorts it from Hamlaawar Khabardar, Hum Kashmiri hein tayaar (beware invader; we Kashmiris are ready) to "Hamlewar Khabardar Ham Kashmiri Hindu Muslim Sikh Tayar" (beware invader; we Kashmiris Hindu, Muslim, Sikh are ready).

Using the twin tongue, in one breath parrots "Kashmir as an integral part" and in the other talks of a settlement through a dialogue. General Sinha wants to convert Ceasefire Line into International Border and considers this to be a "concession" for the solution. India is in no position to make any "concessions" to anybody as Kashmir is forcibly occupied and a good number of people in India who matter endorse the fact that Kashmir has never been a part of India.

India’s independence Act did not apply to Kashmir as Kashmir was an independent sovereign State with a written Constitution, two houses of Parliament and regular army in place. If for argument sake it did, then by the same token Junagadh and Hyderabad should have gone to Pakistan. India is desperately trying to create situations allowing it to change the majority character of Kashmir and once, wishfully, Muslim majority is converted into Hindu majority; a plebiscite would be the only option acceptable to India.

India in a copycat fashion is trying to repeat what Zionists could achieve laying the plan in 1905 to catch hubble-bubble smoking, bingo addict Palestinians unawares, but Kashmir, as it were, has no time for such silly demeanor. Kashmiris and the international community cannot be taken for a ride anymore as enough blood has been spilled and Kashmir is committed to the struggle till the necessary goal, freedom from bondage is achieved.

Indulging in holocaust and massacre, Kashmir pleads and demands that all imposed governors from Delhi with a blemished record; Sinhas, Raos, Vohras, Saxanas and Jagmohans must be tried in the International Court of Justice for war crimes.