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Kashmir: Swamy Jargon Dwarfs Nehru

While Kashmir mourned the fateful day of October 26, 1947 as the day of Indian occupation; the entire population stayed indoors to allow Indian army "celebrate" the day of 2012 at fortified Bakshi stadium. Elsewhere in Jammu (a small province of Kashmir State), BJP (Bhartiya Janata Party) chief Shamsher Singh Manhas hoisted Indian flag to freshen up the memories of January 26, 1992 when BJP's Murli Monohar Joshi under battalion strong army escort unfurled Indian flag in Kashmir's Lal Chowk (red square) to browbeat, intimidate and harass people of Kashmir confined to their homes in imposed military curfew.

Dr. Subramanian Swamy (Bharitiya Janata Party Chief) an academician, politician, and an economist, in a Pakistani TV program, locked in tussle with retired Gen. Hamid Gul made very interesting historical revelations. Dr. Swamy firmly defended his statement that he had all along warned the nation that Pandit Nehru’s unacceptable individual decisions will mean ruination for the country. "Pandit Nehru did not even pay heed to the advice of Sardar Patel and messed up Kashmir". His (Nehru’s) approach to United Nations Security Council or umpteen times commitment of a plebiscite to people of Kashmir and its leaders were Nehru’s individual decisions which we (BJP) reject outright and do not recognise. Swamy also argued that Pandit Nehru should have produced the “instrument of accession” before UNSC which he did not and that complicated Kashmir problem to a large extent. Gen. Gul quoted Alastair Lamb’s "A disputed Legacy" which as claimed, was an historical research document and stressed that the “instrument of accession” did not exist.

Three times elected world renowned powerful Prime Minister of India for over sixteen years also known as Chacha (Uncle) Nehru approached UNSC to give Kashmir imbroglio international sanctity and credence, according to Dr Swamy, is something that India is not concerned with; therefore India according to Swamy is exonerated of any commitment or responsibility. So as a matter of political convenience based on religious beliefs and as it seems, perhaps the guilty party in the whole political equation are people of Kashmir who deserve punishment because Pandit Nehru, in Swamy’s belief, committed blunders. It would also be interesting to know as to the political and military strategy that Dr. Swamy and his BJP if at the helm in 1947 would adopt vis-a-vis Kashmir.

When Dr. Swamy’s attention was drawn to past or present uprising and it’s after effects or fallout in Kashmir he pleaded ignorance and said, since he is not part of the government he is not aware what was happening. Dr. Swamy suggested that Katar wadi (hardliners) on both sides (India and Pakistan) should talk and then only progress can be expected. But he added that Katar Wadi of Pakistan were talking of Muslim rule in the whole of sub-continent. He was critical of PPP and Congress governments of two neighbouring hostile countries and considered them as double-tongued people who cannot be trusted and these people, the non-BJP parties referred to them as "pillpila log" (fickle minded people).

Taking a somersault, when reminded of political rights of Kashmiris guaranteed by leaders of India and United Nations, gross human right violations, disappearances, scores of unidentified graves of people perished in torture chambers; Dr. Swamy mentioned about Hindu temples being destroyed by Muslims of Kashmir on daily basis and half a million Kashmiri Pandits (Brahmans) driven out forcibly to live a life full of misery, distress, poverty and despondency. Dr. Swamy stressed the point that in India nothing untoward happens towards minorities and the utterances in this regard from certain quarters are a mere rhetoric, a hyperbole as "we haven’t seen anything concrete happening to minorities so far".

To Gen. Gul’s reference to caste system and treatment meted out to minorities by the ruling class; Dr. Swamy gave example of Muslim Vice-President of the country and said that the country was now ruled by scheduled castes, Yadavs, Modis and lamented with a sigh that Brahmans do not figure out anywhere.
Ab Brahman kahan hein? (Where do you find Brahmans now?)

DR. Swamy "spiritually elated" perhaps is unaware about the drills and training of its cadres in sophisticated arms since the inception of his fundamentalist party. The trained cadres, as a matter of principle, are indoctrinated with the slogan hindi, hindu, hindostan (Hindi, Hindu, and Hindustan) and venom spitting against all other religious beliefs ingrained targeting youth of India for generations. The brainwashed militia is used to pounce on hapless minorities particularly Muslims, Christians and lower castes of India to keep them marginalized. The glaring examples of feats performed by BJP militia bringing down centuries old historical Babri Masjid (mosque) in a matter of minutes or Australian Evangelist with his wife and two children forcibly locked in their own car and put alight. The dastardly crime of Bajrang Dal was downplayed by International media for reasons unknown.

A numerical sizeable majority of 30% Dalits (practicing Buddhists), 25% Muslims joined by other minorities is considered a threat by the Brahman political powerbase. The belief that Brahmans are the chosen people with Aryan ancestry, dream of a land inhabited by the "pure race" is difficult to achieve as a combined majority of other faiths numbering more than half a billion is not easy to annihilate. BJP, in its own interest and for the sake of future prosperous India, must see the reality and work towards allowing Kashmir its fundamental right of self determination and develop a habit of living together with other minorities of India following a live and let live policy.

Swamy argues that vacating occupied Kashmir would mean another partition which is not acceptable to him or his party. What Swamy does not realise is that Kashmir was never part of India and British Indian rule did not extend to Kashmir. On the complaints of ruthless behaviour of Maharaja Hari Singh; HM British Indian government appointed a Resident to oversee running of the government by the despot.