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Kashmir under Cosmic Rays attack

Kashmir known for its forbearance, fortitude and a nature receptive to harsh methods of treatment from times immemorial are faced with a new dimensional rumour- mongering creating trepidation and confusion. The rumours afloat in the recent past about Kashmir being under attack by Cosmic Rays pressed renewed panic button adding to the vows of the nation already bracing miserable, agonizing and traumatic political subjugation for the last six and a half decades.

The news attributed to BBC and NASA flashed all around the world, the rumour as explained by authorities in Kashmir, apparently related to the myth, Mayan calendar's Doomsday Prophecy that signaled end of the world. The night of December 11, 2012 created chaos after frantic calls, text messages urging people to switch off mobile phones as the harmful cosmic rays from Mars were entering earth. The intriguing message was sourced to Hindustan Times.

Kashmir, in the recent past was reported among best known places for UFO sightings and it was predicted that there are several UFO basis in Aksai Chin (Agoracosmopolitan: November, 05, 2012), a part of Kashmir State gifted away by Pakistan to China.

Kashmir as an independent country existed on the world map even before Pakistan came into existence or India still hoping and praying Hitler to lose his mind that, a favoured lady-luck, in time gave India its freedom on a platter. The three neighbouring countries flouting all norms of civilized behaviour divided Kashmir amongst themselves to occupy as if it were a piece of cake. Indian "integral part" or Pakistan’s "jugular vein" leaves an average Kashmiri wondering about silence maintained by the international community to allow such a blatant violation of international boundaries using military might to occupy.

Pakistan due to its internal and external political compulsions yielded for a political compromise on Kashmir that suits India conveying a message to Kashmir that support it has been receiving will not be forthcoming now. The ploy tried in 1971 when Bangladesh was created and then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi convinced Sheikh Abdullah (Beg-Parthasarthy dialogue) that Pakistan is marginalised and under the circumstances, the best India can offer is" 75 Accord"; an action culminating in 1989 uprising that continues unabated and it seems the message has simply filtered through.

The main party that needs to be talked to is the leadership of Kashmir and both India and Pakistan must see the reality and collectively talk to Kashmiris on both sides of the cease-fire line. United Kingdom must be asked to mediate; after all the people in the sub-continent believe that unresolved Kashmir is a British legacy. The nucleus of a dialog should be based on the principle of equality, respect for human rights, freedom of speech and the right to freedom.

Indian army officials have claimed a record number of UFO sightings from Chinese controlled area and as a matter of fact the growing military partnership between Pakistan and China is ringing alarm bells in Indian army and political circles. India, cashing in on the perceived invisible threat, managed to muster international support to add to its already formidable military hardware and nuclear arsenal. More importantly, Kashmir’s worries have multiplied as the three nuclear powers, as believed, might put their nuclear arsenal to test at the cost of Kashmir and its innocent people.

To freshen the memory; Kashmir had another scare in 1979 when it expected American space-station Skylab 77.5 tons debris to target their paradise on earth. The Skylab renamed in the local dialect as seki'lyob (heap of sand) gave Kashmir hard time and many sleepless nights. But that was not to happen and exactly after a decade two million people on the roads marched towards United Nations Office at Gupkar road, Srinagar to hand in tons of material reminding UN of its commitment to enforce a plebiscite for Kashmir to decide its political future.

Kashmir sincerely believed world’s largest democracy to work in tandem with cherished principles to uphold human rights, freedom of speech and expression according legitimacy to international political commitments. On the contrary, army equipped with unprecedented draconian laws was given a free hand to resort to indiscriminate killing of civilians creating a fear psychosis. The criminals released from Indian jails were handed in freedom, money and arms to intimidate and harass the populace. The uprising was successfully tainted as "external sponsored terrorism" as India due to the prevailing political situation on international level after 911 found willing clandestine support encouraging it to have a free hand to suppress defenseless Kashmir.

In a panic situation Times of India mentions the names of two Kashmiri militant groups fighting Indian army as "Hazrat" and "Hizb" who are reported to have issued warning to locals in Kashmir’s Jammu province not to provide any information to Indian army and it is also reported that this action amounts to ´terror threat´. The name "Hazrat" as a militant outfit is unknown in Kashmir and seems to be a figment of imagination and putting up posters to convey a message to people does not classify as "terrorism" especially when Kashmir, as known worldwide, has the largest concentration of military on the face of earth.

Pakistan, as claimed by some Indian circles, has become “lapdog to their Chinese master” and another imaginary claim that Pakistan has handed over some more land held by it in Kashmir to China. Furthermore, the land given away is said to be claimed by India as well. The land in question, if at all parted with, belongs to Kashmir and Kashmir being the legitimate owner should lodge a complaint and not India as; Kashmir has never been part of India.