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Hindu terrorism becomes subtle reality

Sushil Kumar Shinde, high-profile Home Minister of India, backed by ministry’s Secretary stated that BJP (Bharitiya Janata Party) the main opposition, Sang Parivar supported by its various sister concerns are involved in terrorism. While terrorism, generally, portrayed as "Muslim monopoly"; the Hindu terror groups involved in terrorism, according to the honorable Minister, victimized minorities in India who further stated that these terror groups ran training camps to promote Hindu terrorism by planting bombs and then blaming minorities for such crimes. (Reports Times of India: January 21, 2013)

The Home Minister Shinde put all fundamentalist forces on the back-foot as the charges leveled against them for terrorist activities, as stated, are based on evidences and glaringly visible gross human right violations by BJP backed Hindu terror groups. A few examples like Samjhota Express carnage, Modi’s Gujarat massacre, Bombay’s Thana-Biwindi, Babri Mosque of UP (Uttar Predesh) are on record to depict gory details of ruthlessness of these unchecked terrorist outfits.

Turning the pages of history, the imposed governor on Kashmir in 1989, Jagmohan Malhotra of Turkmangate notoriety, ruthlessly dealt with Muslims of Delhi, perhaps had a thorough read of Kashmir’s historical background and successfully copied what Maharaja Ranjit Singh did with Kashmir towards the beginning of 19th century. In order to encircle and establish political hegemony, Ranjit Singh encircled the valley by allotting land to his army to rehabilitate and keep an eye on the local population on permanent basis. He allotted land to his army and their families by selecting four corners, Shopian, Tral, Baramulla and Rangrett.

Jagmohan, using his formidable army might, after creating a fear psychosis amongst minority Pandit community, asked them to leave Kashmir en-masse so that he could get a free hand to deal with Muslims of Kashmir. The exodus of Pandits started and once they all reached their destination; Jagmohan ordered indiscriminate firing, at carefully selected places, simultaneously. The areas included Gaw Kadal, Habak Chowk, By-Pass road and Nowshehra killing hundreds. The policy of killing with impunity empowered by Indian draconian laws imposed on Kashmir continued even after he was succeeded by various other imposed governors.

Jagmohan had hoped to crush people to an extent that no one would raise the head thereafter as he was fed with wrong notions like Kashmiris being timid and receptive to harsh methods of treatment and taking liberties with them would go unnoticed. The right thinking people in India do realize that Jagmohan’s calculations were all wrong and the trust he reposed in a select group of white-collar Kashmiri bureaucrats misled him into taking actions based on inhumanity. Jagmohan, all Kashmiris believe, at some stage will be tried for his crimes in the International Court of Justice.

The follow up action of newly invented torture chambers, where methods of torture unknown world over, were used. Generally, young people snatched from houses, roads or raids based on whims and wishes were consumed in these torture chambers and torture victims disappeared in unidentified graves. Thousands of young men and women are unaccounted for and their family members are running from post to pillar to find a clue about their near and dear ones.

Scores of other Hindu militant organizations are controlled by minority Brahman elite busy looking for strategies and know-how within the country or abroad to marginalize minority communities to carve out a nation of a pure race. Though all minorities added up form a formidable majority outnumbering overall powerful minority, the military might having the same mindset allows these groups to become a law unto them.

All the minorities, it seems, have realized that unity among them is vitally important so that these dangerously poised terror groups are confronted politically to create an atmosphere for everyone in India to live peacefully.

The terror organization Shiv Sena (army of Shivaji, a warrior who fought a guerrilla war with Moguls) is at the root cause of troubles in India in general and Maharashtra State in particular as the organization controlled by xenophobic Thackeray family who thrive on venomous and spiteful propaganda against minorities especially Muslims. This extreme behavior towards minorities is the only qualification the leaders of the group possess as it allows them to control the minds of indoctrinated militant religious followers. These terror organizations or their mentors have no role or contribution in taking India to a stage where it is now.

Though officially the terror group does not have the mandate to govern Maharashtra; the old and new "Emperors of Hindu hearts" declare themselves the remote control chief Ministers of Maharashtra state. The terrorist organization is an alliance of BJP sharing the ideology of Hindutva having a common goal of getting rid of rest of the communities or allowing them only option of converting to Hinduism.

Thackerays following the footsteps of recently expired senior Thackery are the great admirers of Adolf Hitler and consider Hitler a "wonderful organizer" and boast of having a lot in common with der Führer branding him a "daredevil and an artist". The founder Bal Thackeray is quoted to have said "we need suicide bomb squads to protect India and Hindus and unite across linguistic barriers to see "a Hindustan for Hindus" and to "bring Islam in this country down to its knees."