Lawyers with out borders -- Trade mark battle


After a two-year battle over the trademark “Lawyers with out borders,” a Canadian non-profit has been awarded an expungant application against a U.S. cluster that uses the same mark.On Nov. 29, 2012, the Federal Court of Canada settled the dispute between the rivaling Canadian and U.S. non-profit organizations by placing the Yankee company’s LWOB trademark from the register. both groups had been providing legal services to Canadian residents while absorbing the trademark “Lawyers with out borders,.”

“The question the court had to determine was whether or not or not the trademark belonging to the respondent should be expunged, and also the answer thereto was yes,” same Joanne Chriqui, a attorney for Avocats Sans Frontieres Quebec (ASFQ).

Since Oct. 23, 2002 ASFQ, known as Lawyers with out borders, Canada in English, has been providing charitable legal services across the globe. It originally filed the application once discovering Lawyers with out borders, inc., a U.S. organization settled in capital of Connecticut, Conn., was already registered with the name.

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