Pakistan crawfishes out on Kashmir


The Indian Express reported that since Kashmir occupies much of Pakistan’s foreign policy, the issue hardly finds any mention in the campaign for next month’s assembly elections. (April 21, 2013). In a significant development Indian army chief General Bikram Singh dashed to Kashmir, according to media reports, and briefed Kashmir’s non-entity Chief Minister Omar Abdullah about Chinese incursions in Ladakh area. Some political circles believe that some kind of adventure by Indian army cannot be ruled out.

Salman Khurshid, India’s External Affairs Minister in a TV interview on April 24, 2013 said that India was pleased that Pakistan during current election process had not used any adverse rhetoric or hyperbole against India. "Aman ki Asha" (hope of peace) a slogan jointly popularised by Jang Group of Pakistan and Times of India after months of hibernation has surprisingly resurfaced all of a sudden.

On the contrary, the mainstream political parties in their election manifestos and campaigns, most of the print and electronic media make a discreet and discerning mention of Kashmir as the political relation with India is always determined and based on the settlement of core issue of Kashmir. There is hardly any political party in Pakistan which can afford to keep Kashmir on the backburner.

Pakistan elections scheduled for May 11, 2013 are termed as "historical and democratic" and all are looking forward to the day with a hope that these elections will be held in a peaceful manner without any malpractice or rigging. The law and order situation in the country has never been so bad and so called political mafia is afraid to go out on the streets to campaign to garner support or woo voters to vote for their candidates.

Though the caretaker government, many believe is a hotchpotch and an extension of the exited federal and state governments, firmly believes that upcoming elections will definitely be held but many political thinkers, sections of print and electronic media are apprehensive as to the ground reality terming it a farfetched idea keeping in view unending spree of terror attacks, sectarian and violent religious confrontation, a daily occurrence of lost lives and destruction of property. The worst among this entire scary scenario are the attacks on Pakistan’s army and its paramilitary forces culminating in fatalities, confusion, chaos and demoralisation.

They say charity begins at home, the unprecedented corruption by the previous federal and state governments prompted even the caretaker Prime Minister Mr Khoso to indulge in nepotism and straightaway appointed his own son on a government post that people believe is very lucrative which will guarantee the progeny a comfortable living for rest of his life.

Ex-President of Pakistan Pervez Musharraf wrote in Newsweek issue of November 22, 2010 that the world is watching Pakistan and rightfully so. It's a happening place. Pakistan is at the centre of geostrategic revolution and realignments. The economic, social, and political aspirations of China, Afghanistan, Iran, and India turn on securing peace, prosperity, and stability in Pakistan. "Our country can be an agent of positive change, one that creates unique economic interdependencies between central, west and south Asian countries and the Middle East through trade and energy partnerships. Or there's the other option: the borderless militancy Pakistan is battling could take down the whole region".

General Musharraf returned to Pakistan after four years self-exile to participate in elections. His newly formed political party All Pakistan Muslim League was geared up to field its candidates to fight elections from 140 constituencies throughout the country. Musharraf’s political adversaries did not initially take him seriously as it was thought that the General would never return to Pakistan but when he did return; the political atmosphere changed altogether. The embedded political outfits led by stinking rich bosses of poor Pakistan considered him a serious threat and utilised all their resources to put barriers of political vendetta using government machinery and Judiciary to thwart all his attempts to participate in elections and successfully involved him in court cases. He is now in detention and going through a torrid time.

Election campaign has taken the back seat and terrorism is in the forefront but it seems the political mafia is more worried and expending all their energies to keep Musharraf at bay and settle scores with him using remote-controlled judiciary to malign and humiliate to perhaps pressurise him into leaving the country and forgo and forget his endeavour to enter politics. It is believed that politicians have managed to create a divide between army and judiciary backed by people in power. It is also believed that millions of Dollars are being pumped into the system from external sources to put nexus of political mafia back in power as it is conveniently acceptable to outside powers to deal with them comfortably.

The judiciary, as is believed, compromised on its independence and is black-mailed by political stalwarts to extract all decisions favouring them right and left especially when its Chief Justice Iftikhar Chowdhry was offered a protective shield for his son’s corrupt practices. Moreover, everyday violence is used by black coat mafia tactics, dressing down media persons, political activists and anyone who does not subscribe to their evil practices or thought. This uncontrolled menace is faced by Pakistani society which goes unchecked.

Musharraf in Indian occupied Kashmir considered a hero, Chairman of Hurriyat Conference Mirwaiz Umar Farooq said US President Barack Obama had recently indicated that Asia would be the focus of US foreign policy. "It shows USA is carefully keeping an eye over relations between India and Pakistan and understands that solution of Kashmir is the key to better relations between rival nuclear powers". Stating that General Pervez Musharraf’s four-point formula can be one of the starting points for Kashmir resolution, Mirwaiz said, "If we have to find a solution of the problem, we have to look for all the options and Musharraf’s formula is one of them". (December 29, 2012)

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