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Kashmir forbears’ fresh Indian blitzkrieg

It is madness for sheep to talk peace with a wolf. (Thomas Fuller)

Indian official Satish Verma´s (reported July 14, 2013) disclosure of his government´s involvement in orchestrating terror dramas on its own parliament and Mumbai attacks sent shock waves around the world. The news flashed created frenzy in Indian political circles and the only thing that came to mind was to create another such incident to divert attention on local and international level.

India Today reports (July 18, 2013) that in a clash that broke out in Ramban, a difficult hilly terrain, district of Kashmir in an indiscriminate firing left seven people dead, sixty injured including eleven of them lying critical in hospital. The reason for the clashes as reported is the desecration of Islamic holy book by Indian BSF (Border Security Force). The men in uniform armed heavily emerged from nowhere and raided the mosque to provoke and infuriate general public busy with their daily prayers. The mosque was witnessed full with people as Muslim Holy month of Ramadan is currently ongoing.

A situation very commonly faced by people of Kashmir since October 26, 1947 when India occupied Kashmir; now today (July 19, 2013) as a general practice an indefinite curfew has been imposed in Kashmir turning it into a ghost country. The tactics till now has worked for India and the usual pretext maintenance of law and order becomes very handy to convince the international quarters that India is dealing with an insurgency and terrorism. India´s Home Minister SK Shinde in a routine manner ordered a probe and all know this to be another political gimmick.

Verma´s revelation convinced all on international level in general and Kashmiris in particular who all along maintained the innocence of their young medical student Afzal Guru implicated in attack on Indian parliament which in the end turned out an inside job? Government of India surely expected backlash of hurt and angry people on a mass scale, creating a disturbing and embarrassing situation. Ramban remote area of Kashmir sparsely populated was chosen for the scene as even the controlled and scared media would take nearly one full day to reach the spot.

Kashmir Bar Association supported by general public came out on the roads to protest the dastard killing of innocent people that too during the holy month of Ramadan. Many more in thousands from all over Kashmir were marching to demonstrate peacefully to register their anguish at Indian army’s ongoing brutal killings. Within short time everyone was confined to their homes with their doors shut after an indefinite curfew was clamped.

"Killing unarmed protesters unacceptable" Kashmir installed Chief Minister Omar Abdullah said today and added that such incidents had the potential to jeopardize peaceful resolution of Kashmir problem. "There was no justification or rationalization of this deplorable act". The Chief Minister’s utterances are not taken seriously by Kashmiris, as believed speaks the language of his masters in Delhi. But still as face-saving an odd statement like Cautioning against people of Kashmir being ´taken for granted´ asks government in Delhi to engage with Kashmiris politically in a dialogue.

In a recent news report, the US security expert Bruce Riedel termed Kashmir dispute as South Asia´s unfinished business and asked President Barack Obama to move Pakistan and India towards an agreement. Riedel believes that US has a role to play and a resolution of the issues between Islamabad and New Delhi would reduce the arms race between them and the risk of a nuclear conflict.

Prominent India human rights activist, Gautam Navlakha has said that Indian government is treating common people of Kashmir as cattle who are being tamed by means of restrictions, curfews and military might. Puppet regime of Omar Abdullah imposed restrictions every year on Martyrs’ Day, the noted human rights activist talking to media men in New Delhi said that people of Kashmir were enjoying no rights and were being forcibly logged into cages.

The champions of democracy, human rights and right to freedom must raise their voice and impress upon India to allow a neutral country to intervene and mediate a just settlement between India and Pakistan to give legitimate and legal right of self-determination to people of Kashmir. The involvement of Kashmiris in a dialogue process is a prerequisite and without their participation no amicable solution is possible. In the meantime, in the fasting month of Ramadan Kashmir populace has been locked up behind their closed doors to tell them that India is a ´super power unchallenged´.

Swaminathan Aiyar, consulting editor of Indian Economic Times, wrote in the Times of India, "We promised Kashmiris a plebiscite six decades ago. Let us hold one now, and give them three choices: independence, union with Pakistan, and union with India. Let Kashmiris decide the outcome, not the politicians and armies of India and Pakistan."