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Kashmir thanks UN Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon’s two days flying visit to Pakistan was timely and instrumental to quieten down Indian frenzy of a war hysteria pushing Pakistan to the hilt. Secretary General’s visit sent the signals out that the international community cannot be a mere spectator and allow precipitation of a catastrophic situation to engulf the whole world. IndiaToday (August 13, 2013) quoted Secretary General having said, "While I am saddened by the loss of lives in the course of this (Kashmir) conflict, I am encouraged by the move to resolve the conflict through dialogue and if both sides agreed, I could offer my good offices".

US State Department spokesperson Marie Harf reiterated US governments stand on Kashmir saying that "Kashmir dispute was different from the border issue of terrorism in South Asia and those issues should not be confused with each other" (August 19, 2013). The world community at large and United Nations have been showing deep concern for deteriorating India Pakistan relations which have been at very low ebb due to escalations of violations at cease-fire line costing innocent lives on daily basis. Kashmiris and the Diaspora have shown frustration for Indian stubborn arrogance to commit atrocities on hapless defenceless people and the Indian message conveying that ´incredible´ India is above the law and its ´military might´ makes it unchallengeable and invincible.

The third party mediation quite irksome and challenging to Indian sensitivities frustrates the international community to bring the two on to the negotiating table to find a way according right of self-determination to people of Kashmir. Pakistan, as the world is aware, has no problem with such mediation and it has always been India rejecting such an idea as it knows the truth surfaced will put India in the tight spot to explain and answer questions about the ground reality in Kashmir. The genocide committed by Indian army in Kashmir amounts to a holocaust which makes it difficult for India to defend and that is the main reason India shows apprehensiveness to accept any third party intervention.

The track-record of Indian political somersaults reveal that India manages to create situations within its own country using its intelligence agencies leading to terrorism, border clashes, ceasefire line skirmishes to hoodwink international community saying the time not being conducive to hold any dialogue and succeed to mellow or tone down the concern shown on international level. The degree of insanity displayed by India in the past few weeks is also a deliberate attempt to divert International attention of the situation prevalent in Kashmir.

The ruling Congress party or Hindu fundamentalist BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) and its off-shoots in a planned manner attacked Embassy of Pakistan in New Delhi to attract international attention conveying the severity of a problem that did not exist at the present moment especially when India harps on promoting "aman ki asha" (Hope of peace). It is noteworthy that Indian Defence Minister AK Antony refused to accept the plea that Pakistan army was involved in cease-fire line violation. Pakistan’s military sources said that Indian army violated cease-fire line 28 times during the last month and 186 times during last year.

Dr. Ved Prakash Vaidik, an eminent political scholar, a humanist and analyst of India in a local Pakistani TV debate gave his internalised analysis on the current India Pakistan relation when war fervour has peaked and the situation between the two countries seems to have gone back to square one. Dr. Vaidik elaborated by saying that Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was running the affairs with a "remote control in someone else’s hand and he was merely following instructions". He further ruled out that Pakistan nursing the inflicted wounds of terrorism within the country would be in a position to afford a war with India.

The fact of the matter is that the lobbies of political and religious hardliners in India have created a situation to garner support for the forthcoming elections and whipping up communal passions using Pakistan bashing as the main plank to grab power in Delhi. Unfortunately for India, army has taken the lead role to make all major decisions and in the years gone by, Hindu fundamentalist hardcore factions have found the way into the army, bureaucracy and made inroads in power blocks at the helm in several Indian states.

Indian religious fundamentalist forces are making desperate bid to put infamous Narendra Modi, a mastermind of Gujarat riots, in Delhi’s powerful seat as it is believed that Modi will deliver to crush minorities of India especially Muslims in a befitting and satisfying manner. The sadistic pleasure that Modi’s factions received killing thousands of innocent men, women and children in cold blood encouraged all those who on daily basis ask more than 50% population to leave India. It is noteworthy that these mentally bankrupt fundamentalist forces ask Kashmiris to leave to cross over to Pakistan claiming Kashmir as the "Hindu land".

Dr Vaidik answering a question said that both India and Pakistan must settle the long overdue problem of Kashmir and the way out, according to him, would be to withdraw from the areas of Kashmir held by India and Pakistan and let people of Kashmir run their own affairs. He further added that this could be the only viable and practical solution acceptable to all without any sense of defeatism. He rightly commented that Kashmiris have suffered more than enough. The stark painful fact that separates two Kashmirs is the annihilation of two generations in cold blood in the area under Indian occupation.

Kashmir is thankful to Secretary General Baan Ki Moon as Kashmir believes it is never too late. And at the same time people expressed dismay that Secretary General with the authority vested in him could be more emphatic to stress the point that 23 UNSC Resolutions on Kashmir cannot be brushed under the carpet and sooner or later the Resolutions have to be implemented efficaciously to conclude the problem logically and discerningly. International community including US have shown serious concern about creating a deliberate hype in India Pakistan relations and the fact remains the status-quo that suits the party or parties cannot be allowed to continue as that will have dangerous consequences beyond anybody’s control.


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