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Kashmir marches ahead amidst affliction

Even when folks are hitting you over the head, you can't stop marching. Even when they're turning the hoses on you, you can't stop. Barack Obama

India achieved speedy progress in almost all areas of development in the last sixty six years which by any yardstick can relate to a success story. In such a short span of time India after independence performed outstanding feats to earn itself a place in the comity of nations. Looking at the performance, in spite of political turmoil facing hazards of army occupation resulting in deaths, destruction and dilapidation; Kashmir apart from incessant struggle for freedom at the cost of men and material sought to imbibe knowledge to keep future generation ready for leading the country in the right direction.

Raheel Khurshid appointed head of Micro-blogging website Twitter in India (Hindustan Times January 07, 2014) is the first Kashmiri to hold such a position to develop best practices, new story formats, drive adoption of news, government, and political users and share those with the global team. Mirza Mohammad Idris-ul Haq 26, invented ´Aroma Transfer Device´ in the form of electromagnetic waves is a gen-next gadget which he used in multiple works for aroma tests in humans, not done anywhere in the world, and as he claims can be used to detect the usage of biochemical weapons also. The device comprises of aroma detecting sensors mounted on a vertical limb used to get aroma through a series of spectral analysis of which the combination of hydrogen, oxygen & carbon bonding structure is individually determined.

Thousands of Kashmiris scattered all over the globe contributing as scientists, doctors, engineers, professors and businessmen proved that the potential capability to survive and offer its share to contribute to take the world forward will always be available. Kashmir, full of natural resources, will not need any handouts or any aid programmes for basic needs of the people. Kashmir has always been self-sufficient and will remain so if allowed to live in a free and independent atmosphere.

Centuries of political turmoil, the sound of boots from dawn to dusk, a nightmarish experience for sparsely clad, barefooted masses maintaining their calm and control on nerves, sought to perform individually or collectively to march forward with the faith that the day is not far when breathing fresh air, of free and independent political atmosphere, would be a reality. The striving hard attitude became a way of life to achieve and accomplish the goals to live a life reminiscent of all other free people on the planet earth.

Centuries of poverty stricken slavery giving rise to forbearance to harsh treatment like conscription, human right violations and no-right to education leading to rampant ignorance perhaps taught deprived people a lesson. The fag end of 19th century, termed as a golden period for Kashmir when seeking education became a reality at a slow but unstoppable pace and uneducated parental tolerance, understanding and guidance facilitated learning for their upcoming young generation considering it imperative and indispensable.

Reverend Tyndale Biscoe, a British missionary and educationist from Bradfield, UK towards 1880s travelled to Kashmir to pool all his efforts to educate and create awareness and consciousness in uneducated general public. The people’s deplorable situation made him embark on a mission impossible right through facing onslaught and sabotage from minority elite class having monopolised the right to education.

The inclement weather, poverty and unsafe living conditions confined people to their mud houses having bare necessities of life available making them receptive to harsh realities of life. Kashmir surrounded by very high peak mountains and difficult terrain kept them away from any interaction with the outside world. The plight made them lazy, having no enthusiasm, or eagerness to learn beyond fulfilling bare necessities, and the potential of their paradise of its fertility, resources and anything else that represented to offer them a life full of comfort and riches remained unexplored.

Smelling the danger of Kashmir´s majority community eagerness to seek knowledge pressed the panic button giving rise to intrigues to poison the Muslim clergy against a non-existent sinister plan of a Christian missionary to convert the local Muslim population to Christianity. Biscoe resiliently fought the opposition mischief and with support from like minded enlightened few economically sound Muslims managed to start a school in the midst of illiterate population at downtown city Fateh Kadal (3rd bridge) in the capital city of Kashmir. In spite of the control of Muslim religious orthodoxy on local population, the hurdles and impediments running a school in such an environment miraculously became an overwhelming achievement.

But the appropriate time dawned to give them an insight into the future they could own through acquiring knowledge and using it to the prospect of better and honourable living conditions. With the passage time facing incompatible and unpleasant political conditions people, though at a slow pace, shunned endemic lethargy and worked hard to keep pace with rest of the world. State of Kashmir utilizing its resources became potentially self sufficient in all respects and apart for its domestic needs was in a position to feed a population of the size of north-India.

The intended and convenient political status-quo of occupying powers begins patience to wear thin and nonviolent struggle for freedom interpreted as a weakness to mislead the global powers causes frustration and disappointment with resultant negative consequences. However, Kashmir is confident that innumerable sacrifices made will culminate into their rights being restored soon and a hope for better sense to prevail to adopt a policy of live and let live.


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