The Road of Life


Life is a very interesting journey. There is no doubt that it consists of undeniable bouts of joy, happiness, sorrow, pain and my favourite.. the unpredictable! We must always remember that life is the course and that we 'the living soul' are the students.

We are supposed to learn and evolve through every phase and obstacle that we are confronted with. As I've stated on numerous occasions, growth is truly an internal journey and each individual must achieve this achievement on their own. Support from others is always beneficial, but others cannot change your inner being, only you can!

You have to genuinely want to change your state of mind, your true intentions, your thought patterns towards others, your weaknesses, your heart, and your spiritual, physical and mental states of being.

Without the internal willpower to execute this change, this ideology will always remain as an abstract thought floating in space.. just waiting... waiting for you to ground it and manifest its power into physical existence.

In this 'course' of life, we are presented with many roads that will eventually lead us to our destined path. No road is void of bumps or signals and depending on which country you're residing in.. the road itself might just be one -large-> ditch!

We are all aware of the different roads in life and we understand that many of these pot holes can manifest themselves as people, laws, negative energy, conflicts, barriers and you name it.. but what it really boils down to is your reactions, your actions and your thought patterns.
Lets pretend it's a beautiful sunny afternoon, and today you made the choice to drive down 5th ave, and while on 5th ave a stone pierces your front tire... WHAT DO YOU DO?

Do you get out of the car, pick up the stone and throw it back at the road? Now, its understandable that your initial reaction is to get upset; at the end of the day we are humans and we are subjected to human emotions. However, the real question is... do you CONTINUE to throw the stone back at the road or do you change the tire and keep driving?

If you didn't have a spare tire, did you learn from the situation and take notes? Perhaps next time you'll decide to carry a spare tire or at least have the proper contact information for someone who does.. What you do, what you think and how you face any bump along the road is entirely up to you.
While on your road trip, you must always remain positive despite the numerous pot holes that will attempt to stand in your way. Don't allow anyone else to control your vehicle, you should be the only one who controls the key to 'your' state of mind. As for those who are vigilant, you will notice that for every negative entity that enters your space, there is always a positive one that replaces it!

It is important to be the observer, because it is the observer that sees the bumps, acknowledges the signals, but no matter what turn they take, they never -ever- fall into the ditch. 

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