Indo-Israeli joint missile shield

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From joint military exercises and military upgrade tasks, now military allies and colonialist powers that occupy neighboring Asian nations, India and Israel have moved further for missile shield technology.

South Asian India and West Asian Israel brutally occupy Kashmir and Palestine respectively, and they cooperate on colonialist terror operations and military equips.  Israeli experts keep visiting India and Kashmir to inspect the “locations” for joint operations in future.

India, one of  emerging economies around seeking  to buy more and more terror goods  form all possible markets across the  globe has been  in touch with  its  colonialist ally Israel  for strengthening their military ties.

Guided by their masters the United States of America, India and Israel will jointly build an integrated anti-missile system to be deployed against Chinese nuclear and conventional missiles.

The new program, which does not yet have a name or kept a top secret, has been approved by the Indian Defence Ministry. According to a scientist with the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) at Defexpo who does not want to reveal his identity for obvious security reasons a contract is expected to be signed in the next six months, if things go as expected. 

The proposed missile defense program will see participation by Rafael and Israel Aircraft Industries in partnership with Indian military laboratories like DRDO and state-owned Bharat Dynamics Limited (BDL) and Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL).

The system will integrate the homegrown Prithvi air defense system, which is ready for induction next year, with the mobile detection radar being built by BEL in partnership with IAI.

In addition, DRDO and BEL will work with IAI and Rafael for this program. 

Indian Military ministry sources said talks have been underway on the integrated missile defense program for over six months, but gave no details on the program’s fate.

A Rafael executive said at Defexpo, which runs from Thursday to Sunday, said the proposed missile defense program will be a network of air defense systems and radars from India and Israel.  The executive added that additional missile systems, both short range and medium range, will be tailor-made for use by Indian military. Rafael executive said his company has offered to build a dedicated C4I system for the program.

Israel is both worried and shocked that the nuclear power India does not yet have a C4I system for missile defense threats. India wants Israel to assist in overcoming that terror shield hurdle.

Obviously, the unilateral USA as well as UK is behind Indo-Israeli military collaboration.

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