Israel targets Gaza children


It looks as if the Saudi led Arab nations have sold the rights not only of Palestinians, besieged by Israel-Egypt twins but more than that the rights of Islam to the enemies of Islam, especially the USA-Israel terror twins. Jews and American military Christians seem to have taken over the custodianship of Islam and as such the fate of future Islam and Muslims are in the dirty hands of these essentially rogue gangs. In doing so, the Arab leaders have presumed that Israel and USA could help make Islam the only religion of the universe and as such all efforts by Islamic parties to to establish Islamic nations and societies should stop forthwith. 

Possibly, the Arab world led by Saudi kingdom believes that USA and Israel would make all humans become Sunni Muslims and end Shi'a sects once for all. 

While the divisions in Islam starting Sunni-Shi'a have not been able to make non-Muslims trust God or imbibe Islamic values as their own, now handing over to the enemies of Islam the task of islamization of the world looks more ridiculous. 

Arabs need to comprehend the fall out of their ill-conceived notion of depending on Israel and USA for getting rid of Shi'a Iran and Syria is more than nonsense and amounts to insanity. 

The result of all this Arab hypocrisy is reflected in the ongoing genocides of Palestine children - the target of Zionist fascism this time. Both Sunni Arabs and Shi'te Iran and other Muslim nations stand sideways watching the child crimes in Palestine by Israeli military. 

The conflict in Gaza are having a a devastating impact on the lives of children who find no cover to hide from Israeli shelling day and night.

This is happening every day even as Israel insists it doesn't intentionally target civilians, but Gaza is a sliver of a space, a densely populated and now dangerous place, where children have nowhere to hide. Those media persons who have been following the lives of Palestine children, and who has just returned from reporting in Gaza, reflects on how war will shape the futures of young people there for decades to come. Twelve-year-old Syed leans into a narrow concrete wall, staring at its rough grey surface as if his eyes could drill a hole to help him escape from his life. A reporter said: "When we sat in the ambulance together, I thought he was going to live so I felt a bit better." But by the time they reached the hospital, his little brother Mohammad was dead. Three of his cousins were also killed that fateful day on 16 July, as they played near Gaza's port when Israel shelled the area twice, in quick succession.

Wars by terrocracies like USA and Israel of modern time are brutal battles that take the fight straight into streets and schools, leaving little in their wake.

Children are dying in growing numbers and childhood itself is being destroyed. Last week in Gaza, the United Nations noted with alarm that a child was dying every hour.

Instead of forcing the Zionist fascist military out of Gaza, USA as well as western media lords harp on human shields saying . Hamas and other armed groups deny they use civilians as human shields.

They insist, like their Israeli rulers do, that since Jews alone have the right live and have to be in Palestine Palestine people have no right to exist and their lands must be confiscated for illegal colony buildings. They try to justify even the child crimes in Gaza committed by Israeli democracy. 

As Gaza took over the headlines, the children in this tiny strip in Mideast who pricked the world's conscience. In a punishing war now in its fourth year, even the youngest of Gazans are in the snipers' sights. Even infants have been tortured.

Millions of children in Mideast now live with hunger and fear, many suffering in areas under siege. For the Palestinians it is often about the building blocks of their world, even about bread and books. They have no food no medicine but learnt about all types of weapons Israel uses. They now know the names of bullets, tracers and rubber bullets.

A 13-year-old Kifah in the Palestinian camp of Yarmouk on the edge of Damascus tells his life is "normal". But his teenage resolve to present a brave face crumbles when reporters asked what he was able to eat. Kifah collapses in a flood of tears, admitting "there was no bread".

There's a new and troubling "normal" for children living in war.Amer Oda, who heads an extended family living in a cavernous shell of a building in the Gazan neighborhood of Zeitoun said the children frightened in every locality as they hear Israeli bombing, including of Mosques. Children of every age huddle on the stairs or sit cross-legged on a bare concrete floor.

There's a regular thud of Israeli artillery or tank fire just down the street. Amer Oda ignored Israeli warnings to take his 45-member family out of this area, asking, as every Gazan does, "Where can I go?" "This has become normal life for them," he says as he pulls up four-year-old Dima, with round brown eyes and an angelic grin. "This is all they know." Dima has lived through two Gazan wars, and every Gazan, aged six and over, has been through three or more. Children often speak with a wisdom beyond their years but they still have the yearnings of the young.

In Gaza, many children have been killed by Israeli military; three children from one family were killed by Israel's warning strike known as a "knock on the roof". They were playing with pigeons on that roof, as children do. When I first reported on the deaths of the four children on beach, I was told by eyewitnesses that they had been scavenging for metal at the port to help support their families. Their fathers are fishermen who aren't allowed to take their boats out to sea.

Ramiz Bakr, father of Mohammad and Syed, said about what the children had been doing that fateful day. "Oh they were gathering pieces of metal for a game," he explained, as he received condolences at a mourning tent a few streets from the beach. "It's just a little game they play about Arabs versus Israelis."

In wars of our time, the games children play can be the game changers of their future. "I hate the future so much," says 11-year-old Daad who dresses in pink and has dark nightmares. "We might live, or we might die."

Can Israel escape punishment for its crimes in Gaza Palestine , against humanity?

What will the Arab rulers say to God when asked to explain about their mischief against Palestinians? They should not try to be misled about holy Quran or Prophet of Islam Muhammad (SAS). Arab should stop create its own anti-Islamic history by anti-Palestine mischief. 

Palestinians children will testify Hereafter against hypocritical Arabs one day!

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