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Donald Trump has Socialist Dictatorship in Washington Scrambling for Survival

Mitt Romney's speech on March 3, 2016 denouncing Donald Trump as a Presidential candidate, how bad he would be for the country, and his vows to work with the establishment GOP to stop him is a prime example that we no longer have an elected government, but an appointed one - LINK. What Trump's popularity with the people has done is unite everyone in Washington against him with the goal of keeping him out of the White House. This whole anti Trump movement is based on the fact that he is not part of the establishment.

What this action shows us is we the people of the United States are no longer in charge of selecting a person we want to become President and must choose a candidate Washington approves of. This action in itself should show us all that we no longer live in a free country where the constitution is the rule of law under an elected government, but under a socialist dictatorship where government officials are appointed.

The American people are shown this almost on a daily basis. In the last election, citizens were so fed up with the destructive policies seemingly coming from the Democrats that they made sure both the House and Senate became a Republican majority. As we have seen since, this made no difference at all in changing anything in Washington as the agenda continues. There was a big movement to get rid of John Boehner as Speaker of the House because he seemingly became a puppet of the Obama Administration in agreeing with them on every issue. With that came Paul Ryan as the new Speaker of the House who hasn't changed a thing and continues Boehner's support of the Administration's socialist agenda. The American people need to realize that we no longer are governed by Democrats or Republicans but are ruled over by socialists masquerading as such who have become the Washington establishment.

The Romney speech and the overall push by the Washington establishment to keep Donald Trump out of the Oval Office proves one thing if nothing else. This being that they will stop at nothing in making sure the agenda continues and are going to fight fiercely to make sure the Trump threat is eliminated before it goes any further. The threat of a Brokered Convention is also a strong possibility in the quest to stop Trump. http://www.cnn.com/2015/12/11/politics/brokered-convention-republican-party-donald-trump/ Donald Trump represents the will of the people and has the socialist dictatorship in Washington scrambling to find ways to eliminate him because the very survival of this corrupt government depends on it. In the coming weeks and months, we will see the socialist establishment pull every trick in the book on Trump in a frantic effort to keep him out of office. Part of this effort will involve building support for the candidate who poses a lesser threat, this being Ted Cruz. Since the beginning, the socialist establishment has tried to influence the minds of the voting public in who they must support.

First, it was all the polls showing Jeb Bush with a commanding lead over his rivals. When it did not take long for the people to realize the polls were bogus and did not reflect his popularity at all, they switched their efforts to their next choice for us which was Marco Rubio. This also failed, as Rubio never was very popular with the people having gotten off on a very rocky start from the beginning and never really resonated with anyone.

Ted Cruz is the socialist establishment's last chance to stop Trump's march to the White House. This will also prove to be fruitless in the end as Trump is poised to win most, if not all of the remaining states with large delegate counts. What we have here is the people of the US being fed up with business as usual in Washington, where we are not represented, but ruled over and we are demanding a return to a constitutional government. Most see the best chance of ousting our current corrupt government by electing Donald Trump for President. On the other hand, when all else fails in stopping Trump, the socialist establishment in Washing will throw their support behind Hillary Clinton who is the socialist establishment to the core.

After two terms of the Obama Administration, the powers in Washington knew the public would chose a Republican this time around no matter how popular the Democrat choice was. However, what they didn't expect was a Republican candidate with no political ties to Washington who would become the most popular choice. In the end, if all efforts by the establishment fail keep Trump out, they hope to get Hillary elected by not supporting the Trump campaign at all and actually supporting Hillary. They are also hoping that a last ditch effort of a Brokered Convention will assure a Hillary Clinton win in November, allowing her to continue the dictatorship in the guise of being President.

The most important aspect of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump as candidates for POTUS is the fact that if Trump had the questionable background of Treason and crime that Hillary does, he would have been in prison years ago. Yet, she continues to be invulnerable to having to answer for her crimes since she is a major player of the dictatorship. Thus, Donald Trump is our last hope in restoring the country to a constitutional government and freeing us from the bonds of tyranny.


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