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Kashmir cannot be a bilateral issue between India and Pakistan!

South Asian Jammu Kashmir, sandwiched between nuclear powers India and Pakistan, was a soverign nation until 1947.  Any old map of India (1946-47) would attest that truth.

But Indian regime continues to live in the past regarding the occupied Jammu Kashmir, it is under illusion as well. India’s illusion stems from the wrong notion that Jammu Kashmir is its integral part since the time immemorial and the core media lords deliberately hide the fact that Jammu Kashmir was invaded and annexed in 1948. 

India and Pakistan under a conspiratory plan of British for South Asia invaded neighboring Jammu Kashmir in 1948 –exactly when US-UK imposed Israeli regime inside Palestine of West Asia - soon after their own respective freedoms from Britain.

So much so, for too long Indians are made to believe that Jammu Kashmir has been a part of India just like most other state in the country. Indian rulers consider the annexation and quick addition of Jammu Kashmir into Indian constitution through an amendment, is final. Even the UN direction to India to c conduct a referendum to ascertain the minds of Kashmiris has been rejected by India as a useless exercise. However, Most Kashmiris want India to surrender sovereignty back to Kashmiris to launch its new nationhood all over again after several decades of being a forced part of India. People of Jammu Kashmir were not involved in the annexation of their nation and as such they don’t endorse the illegal action by New Delhi which now keeps killing Kashmiri Muslims with a view to silencing them from their demand for sovereignty. .

The military forces of democratic India that occupy Kashmir territories  for decades  target Muslims for genocides and harassment. Over 1000,000 innocent Kashmirs have been slaughtered by India and many secret graveyards have also been found in Kashmir as part of India’s new global Discovery.

People of Kashmir and Palestine continue to suffer due the colonialist policies of the occupation masters who also claim to be great democracies. (Their crude jokes are allowed in intentional politics)

For the first time in years, New Delhi strategists face serious problems form the  Kashmir nation due to the over terrorization of Kashmir by its  terror forces.

Today, Kashmiri youth leads the freedom moment without any weapons except stones that they use to defend themselves from Indian military boots and bullets.

India has managed the backing of almost every veto member to be silent about the issue and never talk about the genocides taking place in Kashmir regularly. .  

India’s multipronged strategy to silence Kashmiris!

Of course, Government of India is increasingly restless to watch helplessly the continuing unrest in occupied Kashmir even while the Indian occupation forces keep inventing new tricks to attack and kill Kashmiri Muslims. The military establishment has very limited options left as they have used up all terror tactics to make Kashmiris ‘pure’ Indians and stay as obedient Indians as Muslims in India main have been for decades. Yet, Indian regime suspects patriotic credentials of Indian Muslims who do not worship Hindu or Hindutva gods.  

India, like its strategic terror partner Israel vs. besieged Palestinians, thought by extra force and crude genocides it would make Kashmiris “learn” a vital lesson not to aspire for freedom and sovereignty.

Having lost all bows, India is now using NIA as part of the new undeclared doctrine of multi-pronged approach to trouble the freedom leaders and supporters.

The unforeseen turnoff events in Kashmir have taken New Delhi by shock as India is unable to justify its occupational crimes in Kashmir abroad.

Kashmiris now seek total independence and are eager to regain sovereignty they had lost decades ago as their king Hari Singh betrayed them overnight by bringing Indian forces into their lands.

Today, the dynasty of the erstwhile king recognizes the mistake their forefather had done to Jammu Kashmir. 

Indian terror method to make Hindus fight Muslims

Kashmiri Pandits and Kashmiri Muslims are brothers and are of the same racial stock. They may fight as per the directions of New Delhi and Islamabad, but they are brothers. Kashmiri Pandits will be more comfortable with Kashmiri Muslims than anybody else in India. This is a fact. For 26 years, Kashmiri Pandits have not been able to go back home!

Media people are also scared of the government repressions. There have been many attempts from Kashmiri Muslims to get them back, but the atmosphere of conflict does not allow them to go back. You were asking me what the government must do. They must do all these things. I have told Kashmiri Muslims that they have committed a sin by stealing the properties of Kashmiri Pandits. They have done wrong.

Troops have already embarked on a series of projects in schools and colleges. “Overall, most people want a solution. They want to get out of this cycle of violence,” said Raju, the general officer commanding of Victor Force, based in Awantipora, about 33 km south of Srinagar.

South Kashmir was known as the Ground Zero of Jammu and Kashmir militancy with the highest number of attacks on security forces recorded last year. But 73 terrorists have been killed this year in this region alone, more than twice the average number in previous years. It is believed that about 120 armed terrorists remain, possibly 150.

Major General B S Raju said that “a great deal of straight talking” with Kashmiris is needed to tell them what can be given and what’s not on the table. “These days they are not targeting the army directly, but are looking at softer targets. They are sometimes hitting civilians on the plea of neutralizing informants,” said Raju, who took over in March this year.“The situation has been brought to a level where political initiative can be started. It is good to see political engagement has started,” he said, referring to a flurry of comments by the Central government and ruling party figures on New Delhi’s willingness to hold talks with all stakeholders in Kashmir. This has also been welcomed by separatist leaders including Mirwaiz Umar Farooq. “It depends on the political sagacity of the central government. It will depend a great deal on the central government. You can’t police out militancy from here,” he said.

But he noted that “a great deal of straight talking” with Kashmiris is needed to tell them what can be given and what’s not on the table. “We need to tell people here that ‘aazadi’ under no circumstances is possible. And anything is possible under the Constitution. If you keep harping on ‘aazadi’ you will be in a state of misery for a long time,” he said.

To keep the children engaged and to show them that the soldiers are on their side, Raju said the army has launched a series of outreach programmes such as sports and painting competitions, distributing stationary, taking children on treks and giving them packed meals.

We want sovereignty!

One of the biggest problems that security forces and the government facing is the radicalization and alienation of the younger, school going generation.  It had become increasingly common to see young teenagers and some as old as eight getting involved in stone pelting. The children are not necessarily driven by ideology but because it is seen as an act of bravery, bordering on bravado. Danish Ismail  noted that most of the ‘terrorists’, pro-independence activists or even the stone pelters have little grasp on the meaning of ‘aazadi’, even though it has become a catchphrase.

India claims they do not necessarily want freedom from India. But most people do want freedom from the overt presence of security forces.  People should also know that the forces are here only for their protection and once militancy is stamped out of the Valley, security forces will be back in the barracks.

Raju emphasized on the need to have a robust juvenile justice system, comprising humane detention centres. At present, the juvenile stone pelters are arrested en masse and harassed. . 

Although they are eventually let off, there is no possibility to deradicalize the unwilling youth, which ensures that they go back into circulation with greater vigor.

As India keep killing and targeting Kashmiri Muslims more and more groups of terrorists join the protesters. Apparently, ISIS is slowing making  its presence in the state. The streets of Kashmir have been rocked by violent protests for months on end after the death of the Hizbul Mujahideen's Burhan Wani last July, and the valley suddenly seems inhospitable like never before.

Burhan Wani did not kill anyone. ''Kashmiri Pandits will be more comfortable with Kashmiri Muslims than anybody else in India.'

But not for filmmaker Sreejith Karanavar who lived in Srinagar for six months in the aftermath of Wani's killing to shoot a documentary on the conflict rocking the border state, the essentially foolish action of targeting the youth would not have come to light. . Karanavar screened his three-part documentary on Kashmir at a media interaction in Thadomal Shahani Centre for Media and Communication Mumbai, May 3.

Our work is somewhere between a documentary and news. Why are the people of Kashmir upset with India, as you have tried to show in your presentation? "The message I wanted to give people through my documentary is that you have to accept the problem in Kashmir," says Karanavar.

The local journalists had to write what they were told from the centre (their head offices) so most of them ended up quitting their jobs. So there was hardly any media representation. The few newspapers in Srinagar were only writing about what was happening around the city and they were not critical of the government. They are scared of sedition charges of the government.

Hurriyat, Burhan Wani are more popular than JK government

The Hurriyat has the support of the people of Kashmir even though they refuse to contest the polls conducted by occupation forces to legitimize Indian crimes in Kashmir.  If they call for a strike, people come out in support. After Burhan Wani's death, people come in large numbers in support of the freedom fighters.  Burhan Wani was an educated boy, he never went to Pakistan but sought sovereignty from India. He managed to get guns and was basically indulging in fantasy. Burhan was tortured by the “democratic” cops and therefore he turned that way. There was no known case against him for having shot anybody or any kind of damage.

What about separatist groups like the Hurriyat Conference?  They are also struggling to maintain their sort of integrity. The Hurriyat, to some extent, is forced to make deals with the government and they do that.

In order to support the military murder, Home Minister Rajnath Singh talked about funny cases against him. There were 7, 8 such cases against him which were forcefully registered. They are very nice people. Burhan snatched guns, but did not kill anyone. But he is called in India a terrorist. He was the Hizbul Mujhadeen's 'commander,' so he is a ‘terrorist’, but he did not do anything for which he should have been shot. It is illegal. They built up the whole case against him.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has spoken of Kashmiriyat, Jamhooriyat and Insaaniyat. Why does his message not go across to the Kashmiris? The prime minister is not sending this message on the ground. He says something and does something else. In the morning he makes such statements and in the afternoon, protestors are shot (in Kashmir). But why are these protestors throwing stones? - Because they cannot live properly. Their lives are blocked by Indian forces.

Kashmiris view Modi as any other Indian leader who wants to suppress the freedoms of Kashmirs and is eager to make Kashmiris an integral part of India without any freedoms.

India needs to address the people and show some concern for Kashmiris feel sorry for all genocides  it undertook in Jammu Kashmir to sustain the occupation. Everybody is insisting on responsibility towards the country, but not about the country's responsibility towards Kashmiris as humans.. That is what the case is in Kashmir.

The regular genocides and oppressive tactics of India have reached such a point that they do not want to be a part of an India which does not care about them.

For four months they put Kashmir under non-stop curfew. It means students did not go to school, nobody went to work.

Business is dead and there is no tourism. People are frustrated now. How do they get food when everything is shut? They are habituated to living in such a system. In winter, very few people visit Kashmir. There is not enough business. So the Kashmiris have a habit to store and survive.

The Indian government too puts a lot of money into Kashmir but Kashmiris starve. Its total annual budget is Rs 48,000 crore (Rs 480 billion) out of which Rs 22,000 crore (Rs 220 billion) is given by the Indian government. Does this money trickle down to the people?  It mostly goes in salaries. 50 per cent of people in Kashmir are government servants and they are the ones who retard the process (of hartals and protests). The BJP government does not want trouble from Kashmiris because their salaries come from the Centre.

India claims to be innocent as its military is doing their duty (to protect the Hindus and harm Muslims ), in order to defend the state crimes in Kashmir, it spreads the propaganda that Kashmiri Muslims have committed atrocities against the Kashmiri Pandits and that Pakistanis wanted Kashmiri Muslims to drive away Hindus from Kashmir.

But many people in Jammu and Kashmir hold the BJP leader turned governor of JK Jagmohan responsible for jeopardizing the situation. Pandits say they left Kashmir to save their lives. As India wanted to tell the world that Muslims are harming Hindus in Kashmir, it was Jagmohan who supposedly said in a statement that he would not be able to protect the lives of Kashmiri Pandits. He told the Kashmiri Pandits that if they wanted to be safe, then they should leave. But the same government also does not allow them to live freely.

There are people who feel India has cheated them.

Repressive techniques through National Investigation Agency (NIA)

The federal government uses National Investigation Agency (NIA) to terrorize Kashmiri business community and wreck the economy of the state. India thinks if the business community is targeted the protestors would starve. Many businessmen also have joined the protests.

Scores of traders as usual staged a peaceful sit-in at Pratap Park Srinagar against the alleged NIA harassment. The traders were protesting against the summoning of Kashmir Traders and Manufacturers Federation (KTMF) president Yasin Khan by the National Investigation Agency (NIA). Khan was asked to present himself at NIA headquarter in Delhi on Monday.  “We would continue our peaceful protest until Yasin Sahab leaves the NIA headquarter,” said a protesting trader. Kashmir Traders Federation Spokesperson Ajaz Shahdhar while expressing discriminatory harassment of members of the business community by investigating agencies, said the NIA has turned the principle of “presumption of innocence until proved guilty” on its head by treating all persons of interest in this manner.

Eyewitnesses said that a protest was staged in Tral town of South Kashmir’s Pulwama district against the recent civilian killings and the NIA alleged harassment.

Meanwhile, normal life was affected due to shutdown that was called by traders and supported by Joint Resistance Leadership. Business establishments including the shops in city centre Lal Chowk and its adjoining areas remained shut while in old Srinagar city; authorities had imposed restrictions to maintain law and order.

Life was also affected in other parts of districts and towns due to shutdown. Reports of shutdown poured in from South Kashmir’s Pulwama, Anantnag, Kulgam and Shopian districts. In North and Central Kashmir also a shutdown was observed. Shops remained closed, however, private and public transport plied on the roads.

South Kashmir, known as the Ground Zero of Jammu and Kashmir militancy, has seen 73 terrorists killed this year by the “protection” forces, twice the average numbers in previous years. The back of armed militancy in Kashmir is virtually broken, and now a great deal of “political sagacity” is needed to ensure that a lasting solution to the decades-long separatist problem is found, the army commander of the key south Kashmir area has said.  “There is no semblance of any space where militants or separatists are in control.

Major General B S Raju, the head of Victor Force that performs counter-insurgency operations in five districts of south Kashmir, says a great deal of political sagacity is needed to ensure that a lasting solution to the decades-long separatist problem is found… Militants are in self-preservation mode,” said Major General B S Raju, the head of Victor Force that performs counter-insurgency operations in five districts of south Kashmir.

Kashmiri Muslims are also humans!

There are 12.5 million people in Kashmir and 7 lakh military personnel. India has an army of 13 lakh out of which 7 lakh are in Kashmir. The question is very simple: Do we need 7 lakh army personnel in Kashmir? When the local people step out of their homes, they see men in uniform everywhere. This has been going on from 1991.

People want a normal life and they do not want army people hanging around all the time. That is the primary reason for anger for an average Kashmiri. Then there are a plethora of problems like scarcity of funds from the central government and bad infrastructure. They often do not get food due to blockades. But the images of students, particularly schoolgirls, throwing stones at security personnel convey a deep problem. Definitely it does. It is like playing into the hands of the Indian government. Suppose I have a neighbour who disturbs me every day. One day I break down and protest. And then he tells everyone, 'Look, I told you he is the bad guy.'

So, India media argue that Muslims in Kashmir, therefore, are bad guys and only Hindus and occupation forces are nice fellow.

This is what the Indian government has been doing in Kashmir falsely implicating the Youth in fake cases and spreading rumours through the media about Kashmiris. New Delhi propaganda machine is successful because the Kashmiri people have no voice in the Indian mainstream where they are pained in dark colors. .

Nobody knows what the Kashmiris' point of view is and whatever the Indian government says, the people of India accept.

India must without further delay talk to the Hurriyat and other stakeholders in Kashmir and find a genuine formula to assure Kashmiri Muslims of their right to live as soverign humans enjoying every right Hindus in India enjoy. .   

Arrogance and adamancy are too bad for a government.

Military action and genocides are not a valid solution to the unrest. Targeting the unfortunate Kashmiris is untenable.

How can an elected government ask the military forces to kill over 1000,000 innocent Kashmiris?

India must tell the truth about Jammu Kashmir to Indians who may have forgotten about the recent history of India. .  


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