Metro Should Convert Adonis Public Health Nightmare in Gatineau into a Dominion

Adonis in Gatineau opened up just several months.  For weeks its parking lots were full.  But then came the Hepatitis A scares; and now the parking lots has become comparatively sparse.

The Adonis Inc. chain opened its first location on Maloney Boulevard in Gatineau this spring and has been the subject of multiple recalls in the last two months.

The recalls have warned people not to consume certain brands of frozen strawberries, fruit juices, and store-made pizzas because they may have been contaminated by the virus.

Now, how does a nice clean supermarket like this become a site for such a virus?  Just how bad is there food handling?

But I have a solution, to bring back the large crowds that first greeted Adomis when they opened because face it Metro, the ain't coming back in Gatineau, ever.

Shut down this Adonis at once and fire all the nasty people there.

Then invite all the top inspectors across Quebec to inspect your now empty store to do a complete forensic investigation make sure no traces of Hepatitis A is anywhere.

Then after you have also given an an opportunity for rabbis to inspect this location to make sure it's all kosher, "convert" this Adonis to the supermarket chain name you once owned that was a thriving and respected name in the Ottawa area into the 1980's.

Yes, I'm talking Dominion which was once Loblaws' main national competitor.

You would have tons of people especially from the Ottawa side just flocking this store again to see the return of Dominion into the Ottawa-Gatineau area.

I had visited the grand opening of Adonis in the spring, but had also been concerned about the public health standards of this place and stopped going there months ago.

But if you bring back Dominion along which my favourites long gone that include cinnamon knots and a most fabulous apple pie, you're sure to also see my return.


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