Ontario Judges Suffer From Corruption - Cameras Needed in Courtroom

Most people in Ontario would assume that our courts in Ontario are among the most ethical and responsible in the word.  After all, we, in Canada have been empowered by our Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and our democratic values relies on our Judges who pride themselves on being totally neutral adjudicators of our court system.  Well, I can't blame you for thinking this way, but if you live in Province of Ontario in Canada would be making a sad mistake.

Ontario courts are completely corrupt, except for isolated pockets within the small claims court system.  You might say, well if this is so, why haven't I heard it on CTV News, the Toronto Star, the Ottawa Citizen and on so many other media organizations across Ontario?  That's because the billionaire owners and government run broadcasters are all direct beneficiaries of this corruption.

Our current ex-lawyer Judges in Ontario are presumed by "the system" to "impartial" and "neutral" even when they are not!  There's absolutely no accountability for Judges who abuse their authority.  If you complain to either the Ontario Judicial Council or the Canadian Judicial Council they will ignore your complaint and the other judges when they find out will will just target you more and subject you to persecution.  A self-represented litigant who is a friend of mine was declared by Justice Sylvia Corthorn for being a "vexatious litigant" simply because he made a complaint to the Canadian Judicial Council about his treatment by Justice Roger.

In short, the Ontario Court system is presided by the most corrupt ex lawyers who become Judges.  You know the same money grubbing lawyers in this province who could care less about your pain, suffering and other human dimensions of your litigation.  The first thing this guys... ladies want to know is: "Can you pay my often $300/hr to $700/hr fees? And, if you can't f-ck off."  Ontario lawyers are greedy psychopaths little accountability to any organization, and are not bound by ethics in their efforts to saddle unwary clients with huge bills they seek to rack up from the most mundane activities. The Law Society of Upper Canada has become a veritable joke at ensuring that lawyers action responsibly in the province.

When these lawyers become judges in Ontario, they manipulate the system in behalf of the interests of the law firms that enabled them to rise to power.  If you are seeking to sue someone and especially if you're a self-represented litigant who happens to be up against an adversary who the presiding judge favours as a former client or for other reasons associated with their former career in the law profession, these judges won't even bother looking at your evidence against them.  They won't even pretend to look because no one is watching them.  They can do whatever they like!

Unlike the United States which has elected judges, Ontario judges have tenure.  This means that once one of these corrupt lawyers becomes a judge, they have free reign to manipulate the system as they like until they retire unless they decide to shoot someone in the courtroom or something like that. 

As a result, bribery, kick-backs, back-room deals and other such manipulations have apparently become the norm in Ontario because all this obvious corruption is hidden in these courtrooms and outside the range of public scrutiny.  It's no wonder judges have been opposed to cameras in Ontario's courtrooms.  They want to be free to carry out well over 150 years of corruption that has been going on in Ontario's courtrooms since before Confederation.  As a result, Ontario Courts operate largely as Kangaroo Courts in behalf of the most rich and powerful in Ontario.

Judges in Ontario are not impartial in any way.  They are political actors who operate as gatekeepers in behalf of balancing the interests on the corporate and government Establishment and if you seek to oppose this Establishment, you will loose unless who have gained such massive political clout that these judges are forced to try to accommodate to your demands while protecting rich and powerful interests in this province.

You can read more about Ontario's corrupt judges in a new book entitled Court of Appeal For Ontario Versus The Canadian Public.


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