Alien Cover-Up Conceals Artificial Intelligence War on the Environment

If there's a cover-about "UFOs" and aliens, how credible can the elites be on any matter of planetary importance?

As many leaders decry their concern in front of cameras about "Global Warming" and sometimes even pollution, they allegedly will fire any scientists who seeks to explore an apparent conspiracy to intentionally pollute soils along with global environment.

Most people believe that the "Artificial Intelligence" Revolution has only begun.

But writers like Nigel Kerner suggest that much of the aliens that humans have witnessed in relation to abduction experiences are of Artificial Intelligence and with the collaboration of elites -- who have been promised wealth and power from the leaking of AI technology to them -- various agencies that are supposed to be working for us, humans, and for national and planetary protection have apparently "jumped sides" and now work for multinationals that in turn were to serve demonic AI aliens.

In the above video, a former EPA scientist reports how he has discovered an alleged plot to contaminate soils and other biological life through air bone releases of laboratory engineered fluoride and other toxins.

If humans don't wish for all biological life to become extinct and replaced by Artificial Intelligence, humans must begin to wake-up now as David Icke has repeated.


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