Ontario's Woefully Corrupt Lawyers Should Be Regulated Like Doctors

In Ontario we are educated to think that in this province and country we have rights which are strongly asserted by our Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

But I don't care how dire situation you're in for needing a lawyer, the thing in their minds that often comes out of their mouths are "are you going to be able to pay me?"

In my view, we need a system in which lawyers are accessible to all Canadians irrespective of their income bracket, as we do with doctors.

These guys really don't care what your situation is.  As long as you can pay them that's all you want to know.

So, if you're making an average wage or even worse, if you can barely make ends meet and you have a civil law or family law case, you can probably forget about lawyers who on average charge more than $300/hr.  And if you're criminally charged and among the working poor and have been falsely charged, you may be without a lawyer.

And if you self-represent yourself, you may get one of these hateful and corrupt judges who despise the fact that you had the "audacity" not to pay one of their former colleagues in the legal profession the "big bucks" for having the "privilege" (and not the right) to appear in front of them.

Many of these judges who are crooked won't even read ANY of your prepared materials if you're self-represented.  If you're up against one of their former lawyer colleagues they will just assume that they are right and you must be wrong, if you're not in a Small Claims Court with very casual grievances.

If you try to represent yourself in Superior Court in Ontario, you can expect a very rough ride even though your materials have be fantastically prepared.

I even found a lady in Toronto who quickly demanded to know if I could pay her $700/hr fee before she would continue the conversation.

Lawyers in Ontario, in fact, are so greedy, even if you can pay their official fees, they will often sell-you-out to your adversary if they offer them more.

This happens all the time not only in Ontario but in other parts of Canada.  I have seen it.

And often worse are these judges in Ontario who are exclusively recruited from a pool or largely corrupt lawyers.

I have seen judges do things completely illegal.  This includes Justice Sylvia Corthorn who ignored Rules of Civil Procedure so she could manipulate a case for one of her paymasters.

Because of Justice Corthorn, a woman in Ottawa continues to be subjected to abuse by her husband and a psychopathic cop.

I have also heard reports of Judges illegally working to manipulate trials in behalf of their former clients when they were lawyers.

The Law Society of Upper Canada which is supposed to oversee the profession often turns a blind eye to such corruption.

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