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Television: New features will blow your mind

(NC) -- The weather is cooling, hockey season is on, movie nights are in and the TV is your home's new hot spot. If, however, the long indoor season is just the excuse you need to buy a dazzling new TV, it's time to get familiar with the latest features. Here are the highlights from Kevin Andrews, the senior brand manager of Home Entertainment at LG Canada:

First up you want a TV that doesn't clash with your interior design. This exciting new idea in TV technology features a screen that's so sleek and with such spectacular picture quality, that it transforms into a work of art. OLED televisions are the latest must-have in home entertainment and come with pencil-thin screens. Looking for a show-stopper to wow your guests? LG's Curved OLED is only four millimetres deep and is designed to give everyone in the room an optimal viewing experience. It's the closest thing to going to a theatre while staying in your pajamas.

Many Canadians go to the internet for their home entertainment. Whether it's Netflix, movies on-demand or YouTube documentaries, the web is packed with exciting stuff to watch. Smart TVs are the solution. Available in LED, 4K UHD and OLED, these TVs come in all sizes and offer an incredible picture that takes you beyond viewing – to feeling like you're living it.

UHD? LED? LOL? If you don't know the difference, you're not alone. Older televisions likely have LED backlit screens, which stands for light emitting diodes. UHD means ultra high definition. It features the highest quality image available and is more commonly known as 4K – which is four times the picture quality of HD. If your motto for TVs is “go big or go home,” UHD models are an excellent choice. The extra pixels make every image sharper and more detailed so no matter how close or far to your TV you're sitting, the image will be as clear and life-like as possible.

More information is available online at LG.com.


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