5 Best Comps Programs in Las Vegas

If you’re looking for a place to visit on your holiday and good entertainment is your top priority, then you would surely consider Las Vegas as one of your possible destinations. In fact, last year more than 42 million people visited Las Vegas. It has some of the most exclusive hotels in the country, the best shows are hosted there and, there are, of course, the inevitable hotels. And those who want to visit Vegas, but are not able at the time being, are always looking for substitutes and more viable options. For casino fans it is not that difficult, as nowadays there are a lot of available online casinos, and casinos by NetEnt are among the most popular ones. It is even possible to play casino games on your mobile device. A lot of people play mobile pokies nz these days and the guide will help you decide which mobile casino apps are the best.

Staying in Vegas isn’t that cheap and every option that will allow visitors to save some money is more than welcomed. There are quite a few so called comps programs, also called reward programs, which will allow you to get at least a fraction of the cash you spend in Vegas back. Some of these programs include quite handy perks.For many of the entertainment options, you can save money by using a Best of Vegas discount code.

Identity Club

Identity Club is one of the most popular comps programs in Vegas. It offers rewards to people who have stayed at The Cosmopolitan Hotel. By spending money in the hotel, at certain retail locations and in the casino, customers accumulate points which determine their level at the reward program. The Identity Club is a 4-tier reward program. The four levels are Silver, Sterling, Gold and Platinum.

Silver is the basic level and every customer is a silver customer until they acquire at least 4,000 points. There are no perks at the Silver level. Customers that have from 4,000 up to 20,000 points are at the Sterling level. Those customers get one free night at the hotel annual, a double multiplier at the slot machines in the casino. In addition they also get a 2-4-1 coupon for Wicked Spoon every month. Wicked Spoon is The Cosmopolitan’s buffet restaurant. Moreover, Sterling customers also get to enter via a dedicated VIP line.

Customers with up to 50,000 bonus points at the Gold level. These customers get 2 free nights per year and two free nights for their companion. They also get a multiplier on the slot machines, and they don’t have to pay resort fee on their stay at the hotel. Gold members also get one free in-room movie on each stay, early check-in, late-check out and priority access for events and shows, as well as a 2-4-1 options.

People with over 50,000 points are at the Platinum level. They get all the benefits from the gold level, plus a 3x multiplier on slots, room upgrades, VIP airport transfers and a $250 resort credit per year.

Each $1 spent at the hotel, on dining or at retail locations earns 5 identity points. Whereas, if you spend $2.5 on slot machines you will get 1 identity point. You will need to wager at least $6 on video poker games in order to earn 1 point.

Total Rewards

Total Rewards is the program developed and offered by Caesars Entertainment. It is valid at almost 40 resorts, including very popular hotels like Caesars, Harrah’s, Bally’s, Planet Hollywood and a few more.

With this program customers earn points by spending money at the hotel, at the casinos, on dinging or spa. This program has 4 levels: Gold, Platinum, Diamond and Seven Stars.

Everyone starts at the Gold tier and stays there until they collect at least 5,000 points. The Platinum level is from 5,000 to 15,000 points and players that have collected over 15,000 points become Diamond members. Only players that have collected over 150,000 and have received a special invitation can reach the Seven Stars tier.

One comps point is earned for every $1 spent at the hotel, in any dining facility or in any of the shops and the amenities. If you play slot machines or video poker you will get one point for $5 and $10 respectively.


Mlife is the comps program for hotels that belong to the MGM Group, such as The Excalibur, MGM Grand and Bellagio. This program has 5 distinctive levels:

  • Sapphire

  • Pearl

  • Gold

  • Platinum

  • Noir

With this program, even customers at the lowest tier get certain benefits, like discounts and exclusive offers. Customers that have acquired above 25,000 points are at the Pearl level. They get free buffet past for all MGM Vegas resorts and a 10% bonus on all points they earn.

Players between 75,000 and 200,000 are at the Gold level. They get a 20% point bonus, priority check-in and VIP access to certain clubs. Platinum members get a 30% bonus, priority valet and taxi and a 15% retail discount. The Noir level can’t be reached by collecting points, it comes only with an invitation.

With this program, players earn 25 points for every dollar spent at the hotel, on dining, spa or entertainment. Players at the casino collect base points, and then 1 base point is worth 10 comps points.

B Connected

B Connected comps program was developed by Boyd Gaming and it covers quite a few casinos in Las Vegas, but also elsewhere in the country. In Vegas, you can receive comps points at Gold Coast Hotel, Sin Coast Hotel, The Orleans, Sam’s Town, California and few other hotels. This comps program has 3 tiers: Sapphire, Ruby and Emerald. The perks and bonuses offered under the 3 levels of the B Connected program are pretty similar to the ones offered under the programs listed above.

There are 3 loyalty tiers namely sapphire, ruby and emerald and benefits from the BConnected program are accrued from casino games play. Comps include exclusive offers and promotional events, discounted room rates, free rooms and more.

The Club

The Club is a reward program for the South Point Hotel. The membership is free and members acquire one point for each dollar they have wagered at South Point Casino. Players who play Bingo earn 6 points for every wagered dollar. The points that have been collected by the members can later be redeemed for real money or used as comps. Players get $12 for 4,000 points. Members are also eligible for regular special offers.