Toronto actress Samantha Gutstadt films upcoming teleSeries

Samantha Gutstadt has landed herself yet another role in the upcoming teleseries ‘Preschool Moms’. It's about new moms navigating the brave new world of preschool and all the drama and growing pains that come with making new friends, enemies and figuring out what to pack for lunch.

You would be surprised to know that her present schedule isn't much different from what she is about to portray on screen. Gutstadt is not only an actress, model, producer, and a host. She is also a soccer mom to two goofball kids, Ryder and Asher.

She runs a lifestyle blog, ‘Sam So Much’ where she shares tips and tricks, start conversations and tell stories of motherhood in a humorous way. She is making a name for herself in the 'mom' space creating comedy and style content geared towards the millennial moms.

As an actress, she has appeared in numerous feature films and TV shows both in Canada and US. She began her acting career when she was eight. Some of her works include Degrassi The Next Generation, Kevin Hill, Tortured, Huff and Shark City. She also, co-hosted ‘This Week in Fashion’ and is the face of Canadians Abroad in LA. She was a former spokesmodel for Grey Goose Vodka, covering Southern California Tennis leading up to US Open. Being a top ranked national tennis player in Canada herself, she has competed on the world junior circuit. 

She has acted and produced the web series 'Connections' and also is the creator, producer of the short comedy 'Shiva'. She co-created and co-produced 'Brooklyn Silvergold' as well. Recently she also appeared in a few shows for Awesomeness TV's Awestruck Network including Almost Perfect, Life Hacks. 

Know for doing strange things, she once signed up for Google alerts about herself. An email would land in her mailbox anytime her name pops up online. Once her name appeared on a website dedicated to celebrity dating gossip. She had been married at that time.

Her father Eli, was a lawyer who was born in Germany and grew up in New York and Toronto. Janice, her mother introduced her to arts, relying on her background in dancing from York University, she was an English language teacher and loved writing.

She jokes about her parents being concerned that once in California, Gutstadt would end up hanging out with Lindsay Lohan and turning into a Charlie Sheen" winner".

"None of that happened...We literally moved out here to hang out with Canadian Jews." says with a laugh " anyone who is Canadian and Jewish in LA, I know"

My whole childhood was being part of the Richmond Hill Country Club," she said. "I was a part of a non-Jewish tennis sporting world and Leo Baeck."

It's been years since she moved out to California to make it big time in Hollywood. She has made a name for herself as a web TV host on This Week in Fashion and on the website RealTVFilms, for which she covers film festivals worldwide.

"I think sometimes our paths and careers come by accident. I came out here wanting to act. I started booking hosting work...It as a way to make money and not bartend" said Samantha. She sees herself hosting for years to come, producing more films and continuing her acting and modeling career.

Today, she is very much a part of the show business world, landing commercials, acting roles and hosting gigs.

Samantha was recently nominated for the Best Actress in Comedy at LA Web Fest, for her appearance in Season 2 of Dogs & Me.

Samantha has a passion for all things related to fitness. Whether it's yoga, tennis or Pilate. She also loves spending time with husband, Ron and her boys. Hanging out on the beach in Venice and exploring Los Angeles.


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