Here’s Why You Should Consider Gaming In Your Mobile Browser More Often

Although mobile phones have improved significantly over the past few decades, there is one element that continues to lack: storage. As applications continue to evolve, the amount of space they take up grows as well and so mobile gamers can find it difficult to store all their favourite games. This is why we’ve decided to look up the best types of games that can be played through a mobile browser. By playing these games you can say goodbye to full storage notifications and hello to surprisingly good graphics, sound and gameplay.

Retro Games

Let’s begin with the games that started it all: retro titles that originally appeared on early consoles from NES, Atari and Sega. As many of these games recently received relaunches or appear on popular desktop sites like Free Online Games, it’s really no surprise that so many people are playing the games on the go via their smartphones.

Mobile-optimised sites have gone to great lengths to ensure that the games have the nostalgic feel they deserve, and really it hasn’t been that difficult as the original games weren’t particularly well advanced themselves. Plus, for truly devoted fans who are able to play with ROMs, emulators and Dropbox, you can even get ancient games like WebNes on your smartphone.

Casino Games

When it comes to mobile gaming genres, few are growing quicker than casinos and so it makes complete sense that most leading iGaming establishments like these guys on Canada’s #1 casino site now offer mobile browser platforms for their sites.

These platforms allow users to play games such as slots, roulette and poker on their phones as though they were playing on their desktops. Most of the time the quality is just as good, but the main draw of mobile-based casino gaming is that you can play anytime, anywhere. Yes, some online casinos have created apps for their customers to use, but if you don’t want to fill your phone with gaming apps then most mobile browser casino websites will be just as good.

HTML5 Games

In the grand scheme of internet things, HTML5 is a relatively new software that is swiftly replacing older programs like Adobe’s Flash on gaming websites. In fact, it may have even had something to do with Adobe’s recent announcement that Flash support will be gone by 2020.

HTML5 is far superior to its predecessors when it comes to graphical capabilities, functionality, immersion and much more. Some titles using this coding language could even give app-based games a run for their money, which may be why some leading online games sites like have entire sections devoted entirely to HTML5 mobile browser-based games. Most are entirely free and rarely require downloads on to mobile devices, an impressive feat considering the impressive graphics, sound and interaction available.

Sure, gaming apps are incredibly popular on smartphones due to their ease and simplicity, but there is certainly a viable alternative in mobile browsers. Not only will you be able to keep your phone clutter free, but there are also so many more games available on the web for you to play. So, it’s time to give your mobile browser a try and see how it really holds out when playing online games. 


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