Top 5 Online Casino Games You Must Play

So, you love to gamble? Well, people have been gambling in one way or another since the inception of time and just like the human race, the gambling industry has evolved from its earliest form to a more advanced setting.

For decades, gamblers have been trooping in tens and thousands to the various famous and legendary traditional casinos in Las Vegas and Macau. However, today, with the growth rate of online casinos significantly increasing, more and more gamblers are switching to a more convenient and secure way to fulfill their indulgence.

In recent times, the online casino industry has reached multiple digits in growth rate due to its implementation of traditional casino games, online deliveries, easy payouts, security, flexibility and many more amazing offers. This has helped a lot of traditional casinos who have adopted the online approach, as it not only attracts more customers but aids them expand into unexplored markets.

In countries like Australia, the gambling industry has thrived remarkably, raking in huge revenues for both the casinos and the government — in terms of taxation. A new bill was passed last year which “prohibits any online casino from providing online gambling services to Australians, and may provide such services only in cases wherein the player holds a license which has been issued by the Australian government exclusively for this purpose.” However, the bill is unlikely to stop the growing patronage of online casinos, as it has already become a billion-dollar industry—with an estimated 2.3 million Australians enjoying some form of online gambling.

Modern technology is currently on the rise and this has positively affected the growth of the online casino industry, making it more accessible, secure and innovative. Also, while it is difficult to track the popularity of casino games from traditional gamblers, online casinos help new and existing gamblers better understand casino game trends and other gamblers interests.

Now there are lots of options on the menu, but there still exist popular options amongst gamblers. So, whether you are new to gambling or a seasoned veteran, here’s a list of the top five online casino games you must play.

1.  Online Slots

Since the inception of online casino games in 1996, slots have dominated the gambling industry—taking a majority stake of the online casino industry. Slots  are the most popular pick amongst online casino players and have been growing in popularity on both mobile phones and desktops. The reason why players are often attracted to it is because there are more variations of slot games with various types of reels and pay lines.

Online slots are simple to learn and almost anyone can play it. With newer slot games being invented on a monthly basis, each one packs newer features, better wins and more fun.  Playing slot games at top online casinos in Australia, offers gamers larger payouts and the option to play multi-million-dollar jackpots.

2.  Online Blackjack

Year after year, the popularity of the blackjack has been on an impressive rise, making it the second favourite choice for various online gamblers. Current statistics reveals that it accounts for almost 31% of the online table games in action. The game has consistently captured the attention of online gamers due to its high payout, skill requirements, large number of variations and much more.

Also, online blackjack allows player to make side bets and provides thrilling entertainment and fun-filled activity. Promotional offers made by selected online casinos such as free play mode and sign-up bonuses have contributed immensely to its popularity.

3.  Roulette

Following closely behind is the Roulette, which amounts to almost 24% of the online casino table game industry. Amongst its various benefits is the amazing gaming experience it provides and much higher payouts to online gamers.

However, most online casino creates diverse varieties of the roulette to suit players demands, giving them the choice to play against the house or a live dealer. A considerable portion of online roulette games from online casinos offer multiple betting options including corner bet, split bet, street bet, and so much more.

4.  Poker

Today, you can find online poker game anywhere on the internet, pointing to the fact that quite a lot of gamer are learning the game online. Poker games claim almost 21% of the online casino table game industry.

Poker has gained so much popularity online because of the variety of games you can play. Electronic, video and live poker are the three different types of online poker gaming experiences gamers are offered.  In recent years, poker game variations such as Let Em’ Ride, 3 Card Poker and Pai Gow Poker are growing in popularity—providing fantastic rewards which includes options for progressive jackpot bets.

5.  Baccarat/Punto Banco

Another major card game is the Baccarat, with it’s most popular variant being the Punto Banco. This online casino game has gained much popularity in Macau, United Kingdom, Canada, United States, Australia etc.

Accounting for almost 9% of the online table game action worldwide, the game has become more popular in some regions. For instance, in 2014, about 91% of the total revenue of Macau casinos came from Punto Banco.

The game versions offered by many online casinos include a high house edge and side bets to players. Baccarat is a popular choice mainly because it involves a less strategy and more luck to win.


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