Ultimate Guide To English Premier League Sports Betting

The English Premier League (EPL) is the most watched football league in the world, and according to the UEFA coefficient, the second best European championship—a fact that has made the EPL betting industry a multimillion pound industry.

Nonetheless, football is very difficult to predict. This is largely because there are numerous factors that have a major impact on every game. It’s not a repetitive sport—like darts— where every match can be done under near-identical conditions. In football,every game is entirely unique. Off-the-field events like the rumours, touchline dramas, media-talk, speculation, injuries, transfers, bust-ups, bans, sackings—and of course the fans—all play a part in altering our perception of teams and their players.

So, whether you’re building a football prediction model, or just betting for fun, here’s a guide on some of the most common types of bets placed on the English Premier League football that may help you in your pursuit for success.

1.  Match Bet

This is arguably the most common bet that is placed on EPL football matches, as it involves the outright prediction of the outcome of the match.

There usually three options; you can either bet on a home win, a draw or an away win. Once you’ve taken numerous factors into consideration such as team form and game history you can then place your wager on one the options—particularly if the price being offered on the outcome is profitable.

Match Bets are also commonly referred to as Match Outrights, WXD or 1x2. There are all the same, with the X simply representing the drawn outcome.

2.  Correct Score Bet

This is another hugely popular market, particularly because of the long odds that are attached with winning and the euphoria of predicting correctly.

However, winning this bet is usually hard to pull off as a correct score bet can have so many potential outcomes.Nevertheless, the best way to approach a correct score option is by deciding whether the game would be a high scoring one or not. If your expectation—after reviewing head-to-head results and current form—is a low scoring game then you can narrow your options down on the favourite to win by a goal margin (1-0, 2-0 or 2-1).

The huge odds on this betting type is a big appeal in the market for EPL gambler because even the shortest priced option in the field is going to probably be around 6/1. However, while it might be a great side bet option for a small stake, it’s not a market to cash in on atevery time—as it comes with its own risks.

3.  First or Anytime Goal scorer bet

In the EPL sports betting, the first goal scorer in the game is another hugely popular betting market because of the big prices attached to this betting type.

With Liverpool's Mohamed Salah breaking Premier League goals records during the during the 2017/2018 season, there is a huge chance of racking in huge profit from the first goal scorer market due to hisgreat scoring form. However, it’s generally not advisable to invest a lot of money in this market because of its unpredictability. Therefore, punters will usually see the better coverage in backing a player to score at any given time in a game rather than betting on them to be the first goal scorer—as doing this eliminates some risk.

4.  Half Time/Full Time Bets

Usually an overlooked betting market, this bet contains a decent amount of risk and reward. For example, if Manchester City were playing host to a club like Huddersfield, there would be a wide assumption that ‘the citizens’ would be heavy favourites considering their head-to-head statistics and at an odds-on price—which would need a big stake by a punter to makes some profit.

However, with the half time/full time market, the outcome of the match is split into two—the half time portion, for the half time result and the full-time portion, for the final whistle.So, with this bet gamblers can decide on who will be winning at half time (or a draw) and what the final result will be.

5.  Double Chance Bets

This is a market that primarily supports a team who are seen as slight underdogs in a match. The Double Chance option will allow you to support a team to either win or draw the match, giving you double the opportunity of making some returns.

However, this comes at reduced odds in comparison to taking one of the options in the outright match betting market. But then, if there is a hint of possibility that an underdog may pull off a shock win—and in a worst-case scenario, take a draw—then this market can offer a profitable bit of extra insurance.

6.  Draw No Bet

This is an EPL betting market that can cover a fair number of scenarios, as it offers insurance in case the team you bet on happens to draw the game.

It is essentially similar to backing a winner in a Match Bet. For example, you place a bet on Manchester City to beat Arsenal, but if eventually Arsenal were to hold out for a draw then you would get your money back.  This is a great way to insure yourself on matches which are likely to be close call—like derbies or rival matches.

However, as with all insurance type bets, there will be a cost of lower odds than backing a team to win in the outright market.

7.  Each Way Bet

Beyond the Premier League matches, you predict the final ranking of the Premier League. This betting type simply applies to league betting as you’re covering a place finish (2nd, 3rd, 4th or 16th).

Judging the real motivation of the teams, teams happy with a mid-table place finish for example, analyzing the bench of each club will be useful in being able to forecast team’s performances in the long run. Most famously, Leicester City were 5001.00 to win the Premier League title before the 2015/2016 season began and eventually went on to become Premier League champions in one of the biggest Premier League shocks of all time.

Furthermore, the Each Way Bet is another insurance type bet but with no sacrifice of odds. For example, if you backed Manchester City to win the English Premier League at a price of 8/1 and place a bet of £1. Eventually, they finished second, third or even fourth in the league you would then be paid out at 2/1 odds for a £2 win.


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