Cancer: U.S. Pacific Northwest rates soar -- Pulp Mills



Dear U.S. Department of Justice
Environmental and Natural Resources Division...

I initially found information associating an increased risk of overall cancer rates in Washington State counties with paper/pulp mills (or counties downwind from mills) while investigating what I believed was anecdotal evidence of increased rates of pancreatic cancer in Clallam County, Washington.

The stunning differences in overall cancer rates by county associated with pulp/paper mills angered me so much I mailed copies of my research to every county health department in Washington State with a higher than average cancer incidence, hand distributed the information locally, mailed information to the Seattle Times health editor and the University of Washington environmental health public liaison.

I also investigated the state of Idaho and found evidence the three health districts with paper/pulp/wood product industries had higher than average cancer rates. I sent that research to the University of Idaho.

Some action has been taken within Clallam County by citizens concerned with the Nippon mill’s new biomass burner (Clallam County locals are trying to find funding for another air pollution monitor), however, few people seem concerned with the problems of air and sludge pollution from the mills themselves, although there is evidence Port Townsend, Jefferson County is suing the EPA for lack of enforcement of regulations.

Apparently, it is no secret the Koch brothers (owners of Georgia Pacific) and their wealthy industrialist friends blow off EPA regulations and donate huge amounts of personal money to the Republican Party, including Mitt Romney’s Campaign for President.

Unfortunately, none of this is apparently news to the EPA except perhaps to the people on the east coast and those working within the U.S. government in the beltway who appear to be out of touch with the Pacific Northwest or find the region irrelevant.

Republicans and the media, including owners of the Seattle Times, determine what is newsworthy in our state.

I doubt the Seattle Times will release this information to the public (aside from apparent related political campaign contributions).

The Seattle Times has endorsed republican Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna for governor.  McKenna is already noted for reportedly abusing his elected office as Washington State attorney general by joining a lawsuit against the healthcare act.

I am no stranger to hidden information. I started investigating corruption of medical research, science and government via the pharmaceutical industry over ten years

I am finding Republican operations and wealthy elitism appear to be about more than just maintaining greed and power.

My sixth sense has been pointing to an active ‘eugenics’ programs through the pharmaceutical and chemical industries endorsed by the right, wealthy elitists and the Republican Party who have systematically gained control through politicians legislating and enforcing regulations, appointing those overseeing federal agencies and cabinet positions.

Since the cases of pancreatic cancer I know of in Clallam County all occurred during the last 4-5 years recent recordings of pancreatic cancer rates by county in this state have not been published yet. Plus, I have found reports of increased rates of pancreatic cancer in this country are conflicted. I have not been able to investigate pancreatic cancer rates specifically by county or to determine if the increase in this cancer is local or nationwide.

Not only is there a discrepancy in incidence of pancreatic cancer but also questions whether the cancer is associated with pollutants, food or damage through drug-induced pancreatitis, including cholesterol-lowering statins.

I am concerned the politicians, EPA, medical system and Justice Department may be too corrupt to pursue prosecution and protect people in this country.

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