Advertorials Boost Sales: Market New Products or Services


Online advertorials boost sales. This is a given. Advertorials can unquestionably be effective tools for marketing new products and services. All one needs to know is What is an Advertorial as well as how to produce a good one.

An advertorial is a paid advertisement that simulates a regular news article. This can be amazingly effective in disseminating the message of a new or expanding business. An article is much more likely to be read than a display advertisement, and it can form an immediate and lasting connection between advertiser and reader.

An advertorial will not necessarily result in an immediate sale (in fact, it should in no way seem like a sales pitch) but rather it helps with the companys brand, and usually provides contact information so that interested readers can follow up to receive more information.

Advertorials provide value-added advertising to small and medium-sized businesses. They provide content which cannot easily be captured in banners and other forms of online advertising. The added value comes from the depth of the message that can be conveyed through an article rather than in an online banner or print display ad. The personal connection between the advertiser and the reader also enhances the value of this message.

With a bit of homework, it is quite possible to develop and publish your own advertorials. A successful advertorial will employ the techniques of news writing, photography and graphics commonly used in news columns; it will directly address the audience that the advertiser wants to reach, and it will tell its story in a compelling way.

Many companies outsource this writing, with mixed results. The alternative is to hire a company specialized in advertorial advertising. provides a great service for small and medium-sized businesses. They will help you find the story that fits the sale, and then embed the product in that story in a compelling way. They will find quotes and testimonials to add life to your advertorial. is a Canadian not-for-profit organization which services clients nationally and internationally. They also specialize in the management of comprehensive advertising campaigns for small to medium-sized businesses who are seeking to expand their marketing exposure in the mass media, that is, newspapers, magazines, websites, radio, and television.

If your business buys paid articles in newspapers, magazines and on websites, the editorial committee will assign a professional writer to review your products or services. They promise to then get your advertorial published in local newspapers, magazines or websites.

Once your advertorial is complete, they indicate that they will send you a link that you can include in your emails, place on your website or send to prospects and clients. Your advertorial can also include a banner ad or video ad within the article text. This is completely optional but can enhance your overall sales message and keep the reader engaged. will assist you in finding the publications (print or online) which will best promote your particular business and place in these publications the best, most compelling advertorials. You will be amazed at the traction your business will gain from the distribution of editorial content in the right place.


Contact for more information on 'ethical-based advertorial' publishing and distribution support.

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