Canada’s 4 x 100 relay team deserves Bronze medal back


The Olympic management committee that made a decision to strip Canada’s 4 x 100 team of a bronze medal that they were originally awarded, acted both in a draconian and arbitrary manner.  In so doing, the Olympic management committee acted in violation of the spirit of Olympic competition. 

Indeed, where was Olympic Management Committee’s application of the letter of the rules when Canada’s Olympic Women’s Soccer team was treated to systematized bad calls, and where was this Committee when Custio Clayton was denied advancement against Britain’s Freddie Evans in quarter finals Welter weight boxing bout? 

It is therefore furthermore apparent from the decision against Canada 4 x 100 team that politics is determining when the Olympic Management Committee is going to apply rules, and when it is going to apparently ignore then.  

The decision of the London Olympic Management in 2012 against the Canadian 4 x 100 team was callous, and against the principles of equity and fairness which is characteristic of the non-empathetic behaviours of  “shadow entities” called the ‘Archons’ that have been described by Dr. John Lash, in his research reports of the insights of the ancient Pagan Gnostics.

Dr. John Lash refers to the archons as a lower-dimensional ego-driven intelligence which ancient Pagan Gnostics insights suggest have set about  infiltrating elite human decision-making organizations.  

Humans who operate within a service-to-the-self ego driven matrix, apparently enable archons to cause humans to act in an often arbitrary manner, without regard the rights of others, or to the principles of equity and fairness.

The Olympic Management Committee has furthermore notably “taken advantage” of the historic “niceness” of our Canadian Olympic Committee.  It is therefore up to us, as Canadians, to stand up for our athletes as we did during the Olympic scandal against Jamie Salé and David Pelletier who had also been obviously subjected to unfair and inequitable treatment  in the Salt Lake City Winter Games in 2002.
In response to Canadian-led outcry, Wikipedia documents that the International Skating Union (ISU) President Ottavio Cinquanta announced in a press conference a day after the competition that the ISU would conduct an "internal assessment" into the judging decision.

Wikipedia elaborates that on 15 February 2002, Cinquanta and IOC President Jacques Rogge, in a joint press conference, announced that Salé and Pelletier's silver medal would be upgraded to a gold. Berezhnaya and Sikharulidze were allowed to keep their gold medal as well, since there was no evidence of wrongdoing on their part, and many felt that they, in fact, deserved it, as was the opinion of four of the other eight judges on the panel.

If it was not for the collective expression of persistent public outrage at Salt Lake City, nothing would have been done.  A Canadian Olympic Committee’s action would not in itself have resulted in Jamie Salé and David Pelletier eventually also been awarded gold.

The Olympics is supposedly about the bringing of athletes together in a spirit of athletic excellence and fair play.  However, like what occurred in Salt Lake City, that was not what many spectators observed, when Olympic referees decided to strip Canada of its bronze medal on Saturday 11 August 2012.

Ah yes.  Various Canadian and other media outlets broadcasted that third-leg runner Jared Connaughton stepped on the line marking the border of his lane.  As a result of “stepping ON a line” the Canadian 4 x 100 team was disqualified.  As Canadians, we are supposed to accept this as a “formerly open, but now shut case.”  But not so fast.

The Olympics prides itself as embracing the spirit both of the United Nations and democratic societies that embrace both the rule and spirit of the law.  In a democratic society, and especially in Great Britain, laws and regulations that exist must be applied rationally and equitably.

What would happen if police officers, for example, started arresting everyone that they saw jaywalking even though jaywalking by and large is illegal?  Having taught law, I can confirm that if every law on the books was applied in a draconian manner, society would grind to a halt.

Similarly, if Olympic referees applied every Olympic by-law as they had applied to the 4 x 100 relay, they would have also by now rescinded U.S. gold in the Olympic women’s soccer final, after watching the apparent systematized bad calls of the referee which sabotaged Canada’s women’s team, and allowed the U.S. women’s soccer team to advance.  Similarly, British boxer Freddie Evans ought not to have advanced.

Furthermore, a rational and equitable review of the instant replay in the men’s 4 x 100 relay would have concluded that although the Canadian runner stepped on the line, there was no interference with the runner of the adjacent lane.  Therefore, Canada having originally been awarded the bronze medal, should keep their bronze medal, while also giving a bronze mental of the Trinidad and Tobago team.  This precedence was established when both the Canadian team of Jamie Salé and David Pelletier was awarded gold alongside the Russian team.  Such a decision at London 2012 would have similarly been in the spirit of the Olympics.

The rule against stepping ON the line in an Olympic race was clearly intended to prevent a competitor from bodily interfering against another competitor.  This rule was not intended to be applied analogous to police officer arresting every jaywalker in sight.  However, if a police officer sees that someone who is jaywalking is acting in a reckless manner, that police officer who rationally and equitably interprets the law, would be empowered to act in protecting the life of the reckless pedestrian, and also to protect the safety of drivers who seek to avoid an accident.

It is up to us as Canadians, and other concerned spectators who witnessed the travesty of the 4 x 100 relay race final, to hold the Olympic Management Committee to respect principles of fairness, equity, and consistency in the application of Olympic by-laws.  By urging the Olympic Management Committee to return the bronze medals to the 4 x 100 team, we will be affirming and retrieving the spirit and integrity of the Olympics from the desire of apparent Archons to impose an unjust application of Olympic by-laws.

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