Alberta Tar Sands suggests alien interference 


The Alberta Tar Sands project could be the largest industrial project ever undertaken on this planet. Canadians are assured by both government and private entities that the project is safe and will create jobs and bring prosperity, not only to the region, but to Canada at large.

Unfortunately, the oil that can be extracted from the tar sands is the dirtiest type of oil known, and the mining procedure releases at least three times as much CO2 as other methods of oil extraction. It may be safe in terms of workers not being killed, but an alarming number of cases of leukemia and other cancers cluster around oil production sites. Not only that, but for each barrel of oil brought out of the earth, up to five barrels of water are used. Add in the fact that, in order to get to the oil, huge swathes of pristine boreal forest will be cut, and the Tar Sands Project is likely to become the single largest contributor to climate change in North America.  It will devastate much of Alberta. When the planet begins to die – and it will if climate change is not reversed - jobs and prosperity will be immaterial.

Even extreme hold-outs have a hard time denying that the climate is changing: the evidence is all around us in the form of droughts and floods, extreme heat, violent storms and so on.  But there is not yet agreement on what has caused the change.  Some say that it is just a natural cycle that the earth is going through.  This may be true, but the majority of scientists are convinced that man is at least partly to blame. It is beyond dispute that the burning of fossil fuels releases carbon dioxide, methane and other gases into the atmosphere; it is almost beyond dispute that these gases cause a greenhouse effect, trapping heat and raising the temperature of our world.

There is another theory about the origins of fossil fuel repositories such as the Tar Sands. Dr. John Lash and other researchers provide insights which suggest that the Alberta Tar Sands could be part of an alien agenda to mine exploit this planet, before moving on to other planets. John Carpenter's 1988 sci-fi movie "They Live" suggested that “they” are trying to turn our atmosphere into their atmosphere. The theory is that alien operatives or “artificial men” (also known as archons) have been among us for an unspecified length of time, and their lack of any spiritual connection to Nature, or Mother Earth, has resulted in an effort on their part to exploit and control our planet, as part of an ongoing intergalactic war. Apparently, there are a few ethical extraterrestrials who have made contact with selected human beings, viewing them as sympathetic allies.  These volunteer contactees of Ethical Extraterrestrials include Alex Collier.

Be that as it may, Pagan Gnostic insights, scientists and environmental activists agree on one thing: the oil should remain locked in the Tar Sands, and not extracted to further irrevocably damage our planet Earth.  This planet is our home, and isn't it about time that we begin to treat this planet as our home that is not be destroyed by exploitative Archons?

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