Homeless Epidemic: Elite perspectives reveal alien presence

It is no secret that so-called “Globalization” has brought with it growing economic disparity between “rich” and “poor”. It has been argued that this growing disparity reveals the influence of an apparent prevailing “alien presence”. In response to such a hypothesis, you might respond with the quip: “I don’t see any aliens.” However Dr. John Lash reveals ancient Pagan Gnostic insights. These insights pivot on the idea that we, as humans can easily see evidence of lower dimensional regressive aliens, once we appreciate that an apparent alien presence exists in “mind” and not simply though “little green men”.

One poignant example of the expression of an apparent regressive alien mind was published in a National Post editorial on 8 August 2012, titled “Business Takes on Homeless Epidemic”. In that editorial, one Montreal business owner described homeless people as being an “epidemic”. Within this context, homeless people were basically presented as a “disease” which ought to be treated in the same manner as a disease.

The ancient Pagan Gnostic discovered a regressive alien presence which they called the ‘archons’ as having infiltrated our human time-space.

As humans, our collective consciousness is the expression of our human minds which are spiritually interconnected with each other, and with Nature. Dr. John Lash suggests that the archons have the mind of artificial intelligence, and that mind when latched onto humans, as “hosts”, reveals itself in humans making decisions which oppress other humans and which results in behaviour that destroys Nature.

Dr. John Lash suggests that we, as humans, can begin to affirm a context of peace, love and equality on Earth, and also protection of our vital environmental, once, we, as humans, can begin to recognize the presence of archons.

Dr. Lash insights suggests that a wide range of systematized planetary problems are the result of our collective human consciousness fostering archons as parasitic entities. These include the expansion of wars in the Middle East, to the ongoing frustration of progress we witness on TV news casts, on vital quality-of-living issues,

The archons as an artificial intelligence apparently feed-off the negative energies that are generated by the pain and suffering. Furthermore, sustaining that outcome is caused by humans who fail to recognize that the integrity of their decision-making has been condition by the presence of the archons as a regressive alien parasite. The apparent result of the presence of archons are the accumulation of destructive behaviours. The presence of the archons is the most highly concentrated in the elite-driven structures of decision-making circles. As a result, the very hierarchical design of human society inclusive of fake structures of democracy (ie. political party bureaucracies to both government and private sector organizations) perpetuates the presence of the archons. As a result, there is the perpetuation of destructive outcomes from decision-making.

Dr. Lash appears to suggest that humans can appreciate regressive aliens as being an “alien mental template”, which acts analogous to a computer virus that makes computer software go haywire. The regressive alien mind of the archons is committed to apparently sabotaging the affirmation of our human interconnectedness with each other and with Nature.

Viewing homeless people as a “epidemic” is consistent with the infiltration of the human mind by the archons, where homeless people are dehumanized, and are seen as obstacles to the service-to-self orientation which the Archons have conditioned us, as humans, into.

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