Realtors increase house sales through blog posts - Advertorials

Advertorial columns have been proven to increase house sales. Just what is an advertorial column? It is a regular feature of online newspapers in which the real estate agent can write about the housing market in general and give advice for both buyers and sellers. The column is in fact an advertisement for the realtors services. It should not be seen as a pitch to sell a particular house, although it is acceptable to include public editorial content on homes for sale.

The purpose of the advertorial column is to keep the public informed and engaged, and to present the realtor as someone who is knowledgeable in the field and, therefore, someone to be trusted in a real estate transaction. This is something that a classified ad simply cannot do. Now, if an advertorial column is so effective in increasing house sales, why doesnt every realtor have one? There are two stumbling blocks. First, the column has to be written in a way that captures the attention of readers, and keeps them coming back for more. Second, the column has to be placed in suitable publications, either print or online.

When writing the column, there are several points to keep in mind. Make sure that you describe properties and not potential customers as doing the latter can be seen as favouring a particular group or discriminating against another. Make sure that you do not include any information that might be contrary to the laws regulating real estate advertising and competition. Avoid words which have become euphemisms for something less desirable. Cosy may be the perfect description for a cottage, but for many people it equates to small. Colourful probably means that you will want to repaint from top to bottom, inside and out.Unique makes one wonder why no one else wants a house like it.

While it is possible to write the column yourself, it is usually much more effective to get help from a business like, a not-for-profit organization serving Canada and much of the world. The editorial committee will assign a professional writer to work with you to produce accurate information about your products or services, in a lively, attention-grabbing manner. More importantly, will make sure that your advertorial column is published in local newspapers, magazines or websites. For a realtor, an effective campaign could be a combination of an advertorial column including contact information and general descriptions of houses, and a series of classified ads with particulars such as price and location. Let plan and manage your advertising campaign to bring buyers to you, while you concentrate on closing the deal.

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